Monday, February 18, 2019

Trump's Anti-Media War: Now Includes Retribution #1 Target SNL and Alec Baldwin

Baldwin Plays Trump —Trump Threatens Baldwin
(Orange v. Orange Warfare)

Trump's wild Tweets and public statements
(Box Score to Date)

This alone could be grounds for articles of impeachment and hopefully it will along with all his other crazy-ass messaging (see chart above) – this is all unheard of in American presidential history. The headline:

If you don't know retribution definition and word usage, try these:

Def noun: [… punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act].

Legal use related to a crime: Retributive justice is a theory of justice that holds that the best response to a crime is a punishment proportional to the offenseinflicted because the offender deserves punishment.

The theory holds that when an offender breaks the law, justice requires that he or she suffer in return.

My 2 cents: My earlier post here – this same subject. 

Trump seems to think that in this case, SNL and Alec Baldwin in particular, have “committed a crime against him” and thus: “[…] they as offenders deserve punishment.” Trump’s words could be construed to be a direct threat against the producers of SNL, their network, and Baldwin. Baldwin’s response is this headline from the Montreal Gazette

Baldwin hit back at Trump for tweets he considers a potential “threat to him and his family.” Trump was enraged by Baldwin’s  portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live recently, when the actor recreated the president’s news conference on his planned border wall and calling him out for his “fake national emergency declaration.” 

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Trump on National Emergency: If Sued Higher Power (SCOTUS) Will Protect Me

The Legal Contest Gauntlet Has Been Thrown 
(Nancy Pelosi in Charge)

I am protected by my Supreme Court
(Got it, guys???)

Introduction: During his rant, Trump invoked his usual fondue of imaginary statistics and when asked by a reporter said: “I get my numbers from a lot of sources.” That belied the numbers from his own Justice Department and most experts as he conjured up this crisis.

He cited as statistical authority the strongly held feelings of some people — Angel Moms and the crowd in El Paso — who assured him that Wall makes them safer than no Wall. He was also exquisitely clear on what should be a material legal point: that this is not, in fact, a national emergency and clearly said: “I didn’t need to do this … I just want to get it done faster, that’s all.”

That followed months of inaction and years of a Republican-controlled Congress and then his announcement.

All that was followed when he departed for a golf weekend at Mar-a-Lago at 4 p.m.


Trump stood before the public on Friday (with 3-minute video) declaring a National Emergency and most of what he said was about himself – bragging in nearly every sentence which he routinely does regardless of the subject at hand.

In his zigzagged free-wheeling rant, he told the public regarding his fake national emergency that he expects to sued but that he would win concluding with this in essence: “I have the current Supreme Court in my pocket, so nothing else really matters. I will win my case.”

Various legal opinions are here from in long yet very comprehensive analysis – worth keeping. What he said might be the greatest threat to the legitimacy of the entire judiciary and threat and rule of law. 

Their summary says it all: If this USSC ultimately stands by and rubber-stamps his fake data and tawdry impresario about threats the nation, then his fake national emergency will be with the high court, not the border.

My 2 cents: As I have stated a number of times and will continue to say: Donald J. Trump is unfit, ill-prepared, and unfit to serve as our president.

This his latest stunt undermines our entire democratic structure and emphasizes my contention and I suspect the view of millions of others.

So, why does all this matter? This will test and prove that our main body of government – Congress with its checks and balances or at least half of it: The current GOP-run Senate in particular, has failed in its loyalty to the people by not reining in Trump.

Stay tuned – this is huge legal battle looming. Now we wait to see the outcome.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Trump to Sign Funding Bill: Avoids Shutdown to Declare Wall National Emergency

Our base, Mitch: Keep them in line no matter the cost
(Tyrant-in-the-Making and His Senate Lackey)

Today, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said Trump has indicated he's prepared to sign the government funding bill to avoid another shutdown, and then he will issue a national emergency on the border. 

This comprise measure keeps departments running through the fiscal year but without the $5.7 billion Trump wanted for the border wall with Mexico.

From Reuters (via Yahoo news): The Republican-led Senate backed the bill, which would provide over $300 billion for several government departments and agencies, by a vote of 83-16. It now goes to the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, which is also expected to pass it.

Note: Trump says he will take money he wants for the wall from other agencies. BUT, he cannot take money that Congress has already appropriated w/o House approval – that is the law. 

Details here from The AP (via MSN) Fact Check: Declaring emergency for wall not as ordinary as Trump says 

My Insert: If he tries this will set up a constitutional crisis as never before.


TRUMP SAYS: “You know, we already have national emergencies out there. You know, President Obama, President Clinton, President Bush — they've declared many national — this is not unique. They've declared many national emergencies. Many, many.” — Trump remarks at a Cabinet meeting.

FACTS: Emergency declarations by Obama, Bush, and Clinton were overwhelmingly for the purpose of addressing crises that emerged abroad. Andrew Boyle a national security attorney at the Brennan Center says: “It's extremely rare for a president to declare a national emergency in a bid to fund domestic construction projects, particularly one that Congress has explicitly refused to fund. The ones that former presidents declared are of a different sort.”

Now that Congress is unwilling to give Trump anything close to the $5.7 billion he wants to build a portion of the border wall, the White House has made clear that he will seek money from other sources, whether with an emergency declaration or by other means.

FYI: Clinton declared 17 national emergencies, Bush, 13, and Obama, 12.   

The Brennan Center tracked 58 emergency declarations back to 1978, of which 31 remain in effect.


1. Obama's emergency declarations were aimed at blocking property of “certain persons involved in crises abroad: the Ukraine, Burundi, Venezuela, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Yemen, and Libya, among others. He also used the declarations to punish the Russian government and transnational organizations. His only declaration not centered on foreign interests came in 2009, when he declared a national emergency to deal with the H1N1 flu pandemic.

Bush and Clinton were similarly focused on foreign crises in their declarations and only on these domestic crisis events:

2. Clinton used one to prohibit transactions with the Taliban in 1999.

3. Bush issued several in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

My 2 cents: Trump is way off the mark on this like a spoiled little boy with this attitude: I can’t get my way so I’ll harm everyone and everything around me.

“Art of Con” seems that is Trump’s ace up his sleeve play – but, he is apt to get a big surprise.

This is a huge subject and one that could spell the end of our democratic processes of separation of powers, three equal branches of government, and checks and balances. So, stay tuned. 

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Trump-GOP Tax Cut and Reform Law: Capitalism or Socialism — Don't Ask the GOP

Cabal in Charge of it All

To a conservative, socialism means “getting something for nothing.” Yet this is what Trump promotes for the wealthy. Source the Guardian.

America will never be a socialist country,” Trump declared in his State of the Union address. Someone should alert him to the fact that America is now a hotbed of socialism. But it is socialism for the rich. Everyone else is treated to harsh capitalism.

The 2017 GOP-only tax cut-reform law: Capitalism or Socialism???

Those cuts saved banks saved some $21 billion and most went into massive bonuses for bank executives.

But, more than 4,000 lower-level bank employees got a big dose of harsh capitalism. They lost their jobs.

Last year, Wall Street’s bonus pool was $31.4 billion. Take away the hidden subsidy and the bonus pool disappears.

GM has got more than $600 million in federal contracts, plus $500 million in tax breaks. Some of this has gone into the pockets of GM executives. Chairman and CEO Mary Barra raked in almost $22 million in total compensation in 2017 alone.

Yet, GM is planning to lay off more than 14,000 workers and close three assembly plants and two component factories in North America by the end of 2019.

When he was in business, Trump perfected the art of using bankruptcy to shield himself from the consequences of bad decisions – socialism for the rich at its worst – while leaving employees twisting in the wind. 

Now, all over America, executives who run their companies into the ground are getting gold-plated exit packages while their workers get pink slips.

·       Sears is doling out $25 million to the executives who stripped its remaining assets and drove it into bankruptcy, but has no money for the thousands of workers it laid off.
·       As Pacific Gas and Electric hurtles toward bankruptcy, the person who was in charge when the deadly infernos roared through northern California last year (caused in part by PG&E’s faulty equipment) has departed with a cash severance package of $2.5 million. The PG&E executive in charge of gas operations when records were allegedly falsified left in 2017 with $6.9 million. 
·       Equifax’s Richard Smith retired in 2017 with an $18 million pension in the wake of a security breach that exposed the personal information of 145 million consumers to hackers.
·       Wells Fargo’s Carrie Tolstedt departed with a $125 million exit package after being in charge of the unit that opened more than 2 million unauthorized customer accounts.

GOP defines socialism as a society in which no one is held accountable, and no one has to work for what they receive. Yet that’s exactly the society Trump and the Republicans are promoting for the rich.

Most Americans are subject to an increasingly harsh and arbitrary capitalism in which they’re working harder but getting nowhere, and have less security than ever.

Reich concludes with this: If you want to call this socialism, fine. I call it fair.

The picture below and those seen the extensive article say is all – they all are ... well, see caption below;

In it for the Money and Not Much Else

My 2 cents: Super articles from a very smart man and very excellent reporting.

– I can’t add to or take away anything from either piece. Both are worth reading and bookmarking for sure.

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Trump Oozes Hypocrisy: Hundreds of Illegals Worked for Him When Exposed Fired

Trump Work Ethic 
(Two-faced policy) 

Ask them - they will gladly tell you their plight
(Illegally work for Trump for years then get fired

Before you read the post below check out this extensive breaking story update with this headline - the source here of this update:

Trump Engaged in a Multi-State Criminal Conspiracy
to Violate Immigration and Human Trafficking Laws

Original post starts here.

“My whole town practically lived there:” From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a Pipeline of Illegal Workers for Trump Goes Back Years (From the Washington Post)

Dozens of immigrants who did not have legal status worked on the construction and operation of Trump’s resort in Bedminster, NJ.

At one time, more than 100 workers without legal status were under his employment at that resort.

Sixteen such workers from Costa Rica and other Latin American nations spoke with The Washington Post and claimed they worked previously at the Bedminster resort illegally.

Others said that at one time more than 100 workers without legal status who were employed by the organization also lived together there.

One Costa Rican, Dario Angulo said:Many of us helped him get what he has today. That golf course was built by illegals.”

Another, Mauricio Garro said: “For me, moving to the U.S. wasn’t a very drastic change. My whole town practically lived there.”

One former resort housekeeper said it was known by staff that managers at the resort didn't care about workers' legal status, and she added:My friend said there was nothing to worry about because they don’t care.”

Another woman said some workers were hidden by managers when Trump himself arrived to dine or otherwise enjoy the resort, adding: They would tell us it was because the restaurant was hosting an important event, and only the workers who could speak English could be there.”  

The Trump Organization did not immediately return a request for comment on this Washington Post story.

Noteworthy however, is that the Trump Organization responded to past similar reports of those who did not have legal status by firing dozens from his properties just in recent months, including about a dozen at the Bedminster property, just at the story broke.

The Organization said last year about this kind of reporting:We have tens of thousands of employees across our properties and have very strict hiring practices. If any employee submitted false documentation in an attempt to circumvent the law, they will be terminated immediately. We take this issue very seriously.”

Related story (From Rolling Stone): 

“FBI Reportedly Has Fake Green Cards Given to Undocumented Immigrants Working at Trump Golf Course”

My 2 cents: Now would be a good time to LOL over and over. 

Who in the world can believe this story and the weak-ass Trump Organization “rationale?” 

Short answer, no one or as Trump would tweet:Its fake news, a hoax, a phony story.”

Yeah right, and I suppose just like this “fake presidency,” too...!!!

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Trump: Not Comfortable With Mueller Report Being Made Public — Says Up to AG

Three Dozen Indictments to Date - More Pending
(Six former Trump advisers included)

Potential Roadblock to Public Seeing the Truth
(The AG Could Squash Report)

The latest headline from the formerly on-line UK newspaper *The Independent (now Russian owned) via Yahoo news:

On the CBS interview on “Face the Nation” (Sunday, February 3, 2019) Trump reiterated his belief that the AG would determine whether the public would see the results of the inquiry by special counsel Robert Mueller.

But he would not say whether he would be comfortable with the results being made public.

Related story here from the Washington Post, in part:  

The growing expectation that S/C Robert Mueller is nearing the end of his work is pushing the DOJ toward a potential confrontation with congressional Democrats over the release of any report he produces — and lawmakers will have the edge in any battle, according to former department officials.

The confirmation hearings for William Barr to be the next AG highlighted the uncertainty surrounding the public’s ability to read Mueller’s conclusions when he finishes his investigation into Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Democrats delayed Barr’s committee vote after they were unhappy he would not pledge to make any Mueller report public and follow the advice of the DOJ ethics officials on whether he should recuse himself from the investigation because of past positions on the matter. 

Barr’s nomination is not believed to be in any real jeopardy, but the flare-up points to the burgeoning conflict between senior law enforcement officials and political leaders over the Mueller that investigation that has gripped Washington for nearly two years.

My 2 cents:  No matter one's personal views of Trump, or the GOP, or DEMS, or S/C Mueller, his report 100% must be made public if not by official release then leaked like the “Pentagon Papers” were in 1971 to the NY Times.

That case went all the way to the USSC and the Times and Washington Post both won the right to print the papers without government interference or censorship. The high court ruled for the press 6-3).

Thus, “We the People” have been impacted by the 2016 election events and every criminal indictment since and therefore we absolutely 100% have the right and compelling need to know the outcome of the Mueller report and not some re-edited version. No exceptions, none whatsoever.

If this president or anyone under him defies the public release it would in my strong view trigger Civil War II and the end of America. Harsh words you say? Yes, but sadly true.

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

The New GOP: Boogle, Gang, or Pack of Slick Racist PR Weasels All Terms Apply

Architect of GOP Southern Strategy & Original 
Dirty Trickster

Historical notes:

Introduction: In 1981, Lee Atwater, the now-deceased political campaign architect who refined the Southern Strategy (his audio interview also at this site) for Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, described the Republican party’s winning template this way in his own words, not mine:

You start out in 1954 by saying: N*gg*r, N*gg*r, N*gg*r.” And, by 1968, you can’t say “n*gg*r” — that hurts you, backfires. So you say stuff like, uh, forced busing, states’ rights, and all that stuff, and you’re getting so abstract. Now, you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is, blacks get hurt worse than whites. ... “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, uh, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “N*gg*r, N*gg*r.”

Not only did the pro-segregation, anti-black Southerners switch sides, but they brought their political ideology with them. The Democratic Party is now the progressive party that welcomes immigrants and the Republican Party has become the party of small government, law and order and conservatism. In 2016, 73% of white voters in the South voted Republican.

It is now the party of the alt-right: the party of the Willie Horton ads; and birtherism. It is also now the party of Donald J. Trump with his: “Muslim ban, the border wall, David Duke, and all the other white supremacists who ran for election on the Republican ticket in the 2008 midterm elections.

Greater in-depth analysis of this same topic and impact on the present-day GOP can be seen here article in 2018 (from by former longtime GOP conservative writer, Max Boot.

Where the GOP stands today (more or less):

GOP Logo for 2020

My 2 cents: One hates to use and throw around the word “racist and racism.” But, it real and seems to be stronger since the election of Donald J. Trump – deny as his staunch supporters do practically 24/7. 

But the path he has traveled is entire adult life and now more so since he became president and actually influences policy now.

There is no denying the facts and Trump denials otherwise, he has strong anti-immigrant sentiments and has surrounded himself with like-minded racist-leaning people, e.g., Stephen Miller now Trump’s #1 White House senior adviser.

Abe Lincoln and other Republicans many long gone, and present day people like Max Boot, would be and are ashamed of this present day Republican Party.

All of that outlined above is the reality as a matter of historical fact that most hardline GOPers today deny with every breath nearly every single day.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Trump Lifts Sanctions for Putin and Manafort Pals: Treasonous or Good Business

Criminal Spider Web: Dastardly, Deceitful, Deceptive, 
Disgraceful, and Dreadful

Major Update on the story that follows with this headline from here:
Trump administration lifts Russian sanctions despite unpopular rebukeTrump administration lifts Russian sanctions despite unpopular rebuke
The Trump administration on Sunday lifted sanctions on three Russian firms controlled by Oleg Deripaska (*Dee-ri-paska), an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The sanctions on the aluminum company Rusal, its parent company EN+, and power firm JSC (Euro Sib Energowere) were announced in April 2018.
They were brought against the three companies in response to Russia’s “malign activity around the globe.”
Deripaska was targeted as an individual because the U.S. claims he has threatened the lives of business rivals, bribed government officials, and has links to organized crime. Deripaska denies the allegations.

Senate DEM Efforts to Keep Russian Sanctions in Place: They have raised serious questions about the appropriateness of lifting these sanctions in light of S/C Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign’s links to Russia and 2016 election interference.
Deripaska is client of Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and Christopher Bancroft Burnham (who served on Trump’s State Department transition team) and who as part of this deal to lift the sanctions, has now been appointed to the board of Deripaska’s EN+ Corporation. (Quid pro quo,um?)
When the sanctions went into effect (April 2018), Deripaska’s businesses plummeted on stock markets around the globe and cost Deripaska him $3.8 billion in three weeks. But the sanctions were challenged by a campaign financed by the three firms, which argued that the sanctions would have negative knock-on effects on the global aluminum market and on companies in the U.S. and allied countries.
The deal to lift the sanctions on the three companies entailed a restructuring at each to reduce Deripaska’s control, but he and his allies will reportedly maintain a controlling share of EN+.
Oddly related: The ambassadors for Austria, Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Sweden sent a letter to Schumer urging him not to challenge the Treasury Department’s decision.
They wrote in part: “…by preventing serious damage to the European aluminum industry, the delisting will help to preserve existing supply chains which would otherwise likely be rerouted to China, further strengthening its global market position in the industry.”
A majority of House Republicans voted with Democrats to keep sanctions on the three companies, however, the vote was mainly symbolic, as the measure had already failed in the Senate, to wit:  
Eleven Republican senators voted with all the Democrats to advance the measure, and it cleared the required 51-vote threshold thus setting up the final vote to keep the sanctions in place. That required 60 votes but fell three votes short.
NOTE: The same 11 Republicans supported the measure again to keep the sanctions in place.
Those wise and loyal and courageous 11 Republican senators who voted with all the Senate Democrats were: John Boozman and Tom Cotton (both from AR); Susan Collins (ME); Steve Daines (MT); Cory Gardner (CO); Josh Hawley (MO); John Kennedy (LA); Martha McSally (AZ); Jerry Moran (KS); Marco Rubio (FL); and Ben Sasse (NE).

History of Russian hacking in the 2016 election and their direct interference to harm Hillary Clinton and help Donald J. Trump win as it relates to this story – proving how everything is tied in neat package with ribbon for Putin thanks to Trump in the above story update:
The key Russian billionaire tied to Paul Manafort and thus to Trump before, during, and now after the 2016 cycle is Oleg Deripaska aluminum and other giant industrial connections.
Deripaska controls “Basic Element (EN+)” which in turn owns more than 100 Russian and international companies. He laid the foundation of his empire in the “aluminum wars” of the 1990s, a vicious struggle for control of natural resources in which he emerged triumphant, becoming the undisputed king of aluminum production in Russia.

Deripaska employed Paul Manafort, the political consultant who later became Trump’s 2016 campaign manager. Manafort has since offered to testify in an investigation into Russia’s role in the election. Deripaska and Manafort have since feuded, tangling over money that each accuses the other of owing money.
Deripaska was at the center of a recent video investigation, put together by Aleksei Navalny, an anti-corruption campaigner and a vociferous opponent of Putin. The investigation found that Deripaska organized an outing on his luxury yacht, attended by Sergei Prikhodko, deputy prime minister of Russia and a Kremlin foreign policy adviser, and female escorts.
(Noteworthy story also connected to Deripaska and a Belarusian escort named Anastasia Vashukevich. Her story is here from the NY Times).
More information sources on this highly-complex and deeply intertwined legal abyss under Mueller scrutiny:
Introduction: The Trump administration announced new sanctions against a list of seven Russian business tycoons, government officials,   and corporations as part of the continuing political and economic fallout from the nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter in England last month.

The Russian billionaire’s roster includes some of the most powerful people and entities in Russia, with ties to Putin and his government, and many of them are suspected of corruption sanctioned by the Kremlin.
Britain says Moscow was likely behind the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia and they have persuaded allies on both sides of the Atlantic. Russia denies any connection to the attack.
Some of the biggest names on the new sanctions list, and where their money came from is in the story.
Also this is related to this spider web crime story: The quiet Americans behind the US-Russia imbroglio.
My 2 cents: How and when will this greatest crime story of the century and our national nightmare end? Or, even perhaps it’s the most-intertwined crime story ever. Who really knows at this point?
Based all we have seen, heard, read, believe, and trust it is truly a genius election scheme based on one thing. That is the famous line in the movie “All the President’s Men” (Watergate and downfall of Richard Nixon) – that is: “Follow the Money.” 
That really is the bottom line – and what else would we expect from our self-labeled genius businessman President, right?
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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Trump Gains New Honor: He is the Biggest Most-Untruthful Con Artist in World History

Always Center of Attention, Brightest of All, Main Focus
(With Some New Temp Visa Staff at Mar-a-Lago) 

Update on the following story — astonishing but also typical Trump when caught red-handed from here, in part:  

This update here from TPMWhile Trump was keeping the government shut down for weeks over the need for a border wall to bar potential immigrants, his golf club in Westchester County was quietly firing a dozen undocumented employees, some of whom had been there for years. 

According to a Saturday Washington Post report, the firings at the Trump National Golf Club in New York happened one after another starting January 18. Managers told the employees that the company had audited their papers — some which had been submitted years before—and found them to be fake.

Per the Post, accountants at the golf club had looked the other way for years over the phony papers, one former manager describing the policy as “don’t ask, don’t tell” to keep labor costs cheap.
Original Post Starts Below:

I guess loyal Trumpettes support this, too, um detailed story from TPM here.

President Trump may have ratcheted up his anti-immigration efforts in recent months, but his family companies appear to be using foreign workers at a higher rate than ever before.

The Trump Organization requested and received at least 192 visas for foreign workers in 2018, according to Department of Labor data

That number appears to be the highest for the company going back to at least 2008 and likely much earlier, based on public records.

Those visas were almost entirely for the type of low-skilled foreign workers that Trump has claimed drive down American wages: Cooks, servers, housekeepers, and farm workers with most of them making between $10 and $15 an hour.

In 2018, the various Trump properties received 163 H2B visas for non-agricultural temporary workers and 29 H2A visas for agricultural temporary workers.

The largest number of the Trump Organization’s foreign worker visas in 2018, like in most years, went to his Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, FL that Trump calls: “The Winter White House.” ]

Also, where he spends much of his time – it received 78 temporary foreign worker visas last year for waiters, cooks, and maids.

1.    International Management Resorts LLC, which runs the Trump International Beach Resort in Miami received 59 worker visas for waiters, maids, and dining room attendants last year.
2.    The Trump National Golf Club in NY got 14 visas for cooks and waiters.
3.    The Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, FL, received 12 visas for waiters and cooks
4.    The Trump Vineyard Estates got 29 visas for agricultural workers.

The 2018 total approved visas (192) is the highest number obtained through various visa programs going back at least a decade. That number is dramatically higher than many other years in the Trump Organization’s history. 

Prior to 2018, the Trump Organization received an average of 116 visas per year in the decade prior. Their previous high number of visas appears to be 178 in 2016. 

The organization’s properties don’t appear to have received more than 143 visas in any other year going back at least to 2009.

The Trump Organization has applied for at least 1,692 foreign worker visas and received at least 1,650 between 2001 and 2018, according to the data. More than half of those were for Mar-a-Lago.

Charles Kuck, an Atlanta-based immigration attorney who teaches at Emory University, said that the Trump Organization’s heavy reliance on the visa programs flies in the face of the president’s political rhetoric and actions, adding: “If in fact he wanted to ‘buy American, hire American,’ he’d say ‘we’re not going to use the immigration system, we’re going to go out and bring our workers down from West Virginia or from Kentucky or Maine and set them up and give them jobs. Why aren’t they recruiting in West Virginia? It’s hypocrisy.”

This related from then-candidate Trump from the NY Times  
from August 16, 2016. 

On the campaign trail, Donald J. Trump has excoriated the nation’s visa program for high-skilled workers as a job killer, pledging to end it with “no exceptions.” But his own companies have used it to bring in hundreds of foreign workers, including fashion models for his modeling agency who need exhibit no special skills.

The little-known corner of the H-1B visa program for models has been controversial for years, questioned not only by Americans facing competition from foreign models but by technology companies whose engineering and scientific visas may instead go to men or women with no more specialized skills than their cheekbones.

Trump, as Republican nominee for president, said the H-1B program allows companies to import foreign workers to replace American workers at lower pay said in March 2016 Trump-Pence press release:I will end forever the use of the H-1B as a cheap labor program, and institute an absolute requirement to hire American workers first for every visa and immigration program. No exceptions.” 

My 2 cents: So, what crazy silly-ass game is Trump playing, um Mr. and Mrs. Braindead Loyalists?

As noted above: President Trump may have ratcheted up his anti-immigration efforts in recent months, but his family companies appear to be using foreign workers at a higher rate than ever before.”

Thus, it is he who is taking jobs from Americans he rails about. What a callous, mean-spirited ugly, nasty, two-faced hypocritical disgusting man.

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