Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trump's Latest Proposal is for Term Limits: Mr. Trump We Already Have Terms Limits

He has Zero Understanding of the Law of the Land


As noted, except for Mr. Trump I guess, we already have terms limits: elections every 2 or 4 years as noted below:

*  Every 4 years for a President, and then he or she can only serve two full terms (or max of 10 years if he/she replaces the president).
* 6 years for a Senator. Then 1/3 of those 100 seats are up each 2-year cycle along with the full House – all 535 members. Staying longer is up to the voters.
*  2 years for Representatives in the House as stated, all 435 are up every two years along with 1/3 of the Senate and every 4 years with a President’s term. Staying in office is up the voters, too.

This structure is time tested and it keeps government balanced, separate, and equal. Educating the voters is paramount to that end. 

Reform like term limits is an old state GOP line:

However, the ever-growing massive amounts of uncontrolled money from a handful of billionaires and millionaires is more key to any reform.

 Big money from a few high-rolling donors turns off the voters who feel helpless about their vote counting or their small donations vs. a billionaire’s truck load of money even mattering. 

Public campaign financing would be one solution. The public should have total input, complete  control of the rules, and then they would benefit from the outcome by being equal across the board with those same billionaires – that is the so-called “One Man/One Vote” rule in place since the USSC ruling in 1964 (Reynolds v. Sims).

Now along comes Trump:

“If I’m elected president I will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told a campaign rally on Tuesday.

Under his plan, members of the House would be limited to three terms, and senators would be able to serve only two.

It’s a common proposal, often offered by Republican candidates — Mitt Romney also supported term limits. But it is also a recipe for a federal legislature that is less competent, less collegial, more susceptible to corruption, and more dependent on self-interested lobbyists. A number of state legislatures implemented term limits, and those states’ experiences reveal what is likely to happen if members of Congress face similar limits.

Story continues here.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Savvy Weasel, Fortune Teller, Palm Reader, Soothsayer, or Slick Con Artist

November 9, 2016 Headlines Published by Trump Media, Inc.

Trump's Only Constitutional Belief

First, watch this short video with much in Trump’s own words here… then the main article follows:

Just like the old Vietnam era “Buffalo Springfield” song “Somethings Happening Heresays here in part:

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

At an October 11 rally (my birthday, oddly enough) in Newton, Iowa, VP candidate Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) was confronted by a woman calling for a revolution – her name was Rhonda and she said this:

“I’m on social media all day, every day, non-stop since last June pushing Trump and one of the biggest things I can tell you that a lot of us are scared of is this voter fraud. I’ll tell you just for me, and I don’t want this to happen, but for me personally, if Hillary Clinton gets in, I’m ready for a revolution because we can’t have her in.”

This is not the first time Trump fans have threatened to take action if their candidate loses in November. Such threats date back to the primaries, when some Trump supporters began telling reporters that they would take up arms and form militias should their racist, sexist hero face defeat. The calls continued into the general election, when they were echoed by Trump advisers like Roger Stone, who proclaimed that there would be a “bloodbath” if Trump loses. On August 1, following a crash in the polls, Trump himself proclaimed that the election was rigged, a claim he has repeated constantly since.

In Trump’s universe, it is very easy to tell if an election is rigged, no proof required. An election is rigged if Trump loses. An election is fair if Trump wins. This is the same logic that propels Trump’s selective embrace of the polls, as he touts the right-wing sources which say he is winning as legitimate while deeming any poll showing he is losing to be invalid. Those other polls, he implies, are part of the conspiracy.

Scholars of authoritarian states have seen this pattern before. Paranoia is not only a trademark of an authoritarian leader, it is a method of movement building — one that is playing out at Trump rallies across the nation.

As scholar Jonathan Bach writes, “The more paranoid a ruler becomes, the more essential it is that others share the ruler’s system of delusions and conspiracies … The successful paranoid ruler will make the people share his paranoia, and they will feed on it together.”

Is that what we see practically every day now, hear in every Trump speech, followed by his ardent supporters shouting: “Put her in jail, or Lock her up.”

So, hang on tight – it is going to get very rough ahead and yes, no one knows that outcome. One thing for sure: Trump thrives on this. Is it a quality for a man who wants to be president? More like this case for a man who would prefer to be dictator and a one-man show.

Bottom Line: This may be the first time in history at least in our elections, where a candidate claimed the outcome where he lost (which is not even occurred yet) will be rigged. Astonishing to say the least. So as I said, hang on tight.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Genus Mustela Comprises Least Weasels and Polecats: Common Lingo Trump

Giuliani refers to Trump “Economic Genius" and Clinton as a Woman”

Introduction to really fine and simple-to-understand article and explanation of the $916 million tax write-off that Donald J. Trump is proud of and boasted about in the first debate. Even some of his supporters call him a genius for the loophole and “beating the IRS.” Read the article and see if you in any part agree with Trump and/or his avid supporters who praise him for that massive loss – I damn sure do not consider that heroic in any sense. Extracts from that Washington Post piece:

Despite what Donald Trump says, we really can learn a lot from his tax returns (Washington Post link) — even from the partial ones made public by The New York Times (NY Times link).

The major takeaway from the three pages of Trump’s 1995 returns that the Times made public is that Trump is right when he says the system is rigged. What he doesn’t say is that it’s rigged in his favor and in the favor of people like him — and against regular people, those of us who earn money, pay income tax on it, and financially support the country in which we live.

A main part referenced in the main article comes from here.

“I’m as offended by Hillary and Bill Clinton’s buck-raking practices as I am by Trump’s boast about not having paid income tax. The Clintons have knocked down tens of millions in fees and other income since Bill Clinton left office by exploiting the aura of his presidency. It’s repellant. But despite their greed and money-grubbing cluelessness — did Hillary Clinton really need the $675,000 of Wall Street speech fees that she gobbled down during the brief interval between leaving the State Department and beginning her presidential run (?) — [I insert: No, rather]… the Clintons are showing that they’re smart when it comes to proposing tax policy. How so?”

“Because the tax increases that Hillary Clinton is proposing on high-income people would cost her family money. So would the changes that she’s proposing in the estate tax. So when it comes to taxes, Clinton is showing that she knows how to sacrifice and lead by example.”

“Trump is showing that he knows how to take care of himself at the expense of the rest of us. And that’s the bottom line.”

Heart of the article from my perspective and read: “Sure, the $900 million-plus of losses reported by the New York Times — losses that could be used to offset income for a total of 18 years — are totally shocking. Legal, yes. But shocking. But there’s something I consider even more shocking — although it involves a much smaller number. By my read of the Trump tax return published by the New York Times, he would have been tax-free because of a $15,818,562 loss reported on Line 11 of the return under “Rental real estate, royalties, partnerships, S corporations, trusts, etc. It looks to me that this loss reflects the outrageous, special tax break that real estate developers that people like Trump can get, but that the rest of us can’t.”

I summarize like the article does, too – Trump remains arrogant, aloof, out of touch and self-promoting – with this simple premise:

If Trump were truly smart — and wanted to lead by example — he would have disclosed his tax returns, showed the loopholes he used, and vowed to close them. He did none of that.

I further conclude: He can’t do things like that – be open and honest – it’s not in is DNA or in his fiber as a valued principle. He is not a true leader for the country – maybe for company and money-making schemes and family. But, not for the country.

Hope this helps you to understand the man and his self-serving goals – not for the country but for the Trump logo and name.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Gov. Scott "Koch Sucker" Walker (R-WI) Voter Suppression Lying Weasel Guru

Koch brothers big money behind Scott Walker, speaking of morons

The headlines from here, and as they say, the truth always comes out, doesn't it?

Wisconsin may have lied to a federal court in order to get away with voter suppression – and now they’ve been caught.

The essence of this story and my take away is pretty simple re: The GOP’s massive nation-wide move to influence this election in November by making sure millions of Americans, many who have voted for years, or worse, new first-time voters, never enter a voting booth … in short: massive voter suppression in full swing to ensure the GOP wins at any cost and in this case, the cost is huge and will damage the country perhaps forever.

Summary from the article: “It’s unclear whether Wisconsin intentionally deceived the Seventh Circuit, or whether it merely made representations that individual government offices were not prepared to make into reality. In either event, however, the result is the same. According to Berman, “nine percent of registered voters in Wisconsin don’t have a valid voter-ID.” Many of these voters are likely to be disenfranchised because the Seventh Circuit believed the state’s false claims.
Worse, it is unclear whether this problem can be cured at this late date,”

More related here – FYI:

1.  Which is worse: ISIS, Ebola, or Voter Suppression

2. GOP Ultimate Goal: Block the Vote Anyway Possible

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Trump's "Unconstitutional Policy Proposal:" Nationwide Stop & Frisk (Oops)

Great Sign /Great Message, America

How About Stop and Frisk Trump Before His Next Speech

While recording a “core black issues” town hall interview conducted by Sean Hannity, Donald Trump took an audience member’s [from a man named Ricardo] question about stopping “black on black crime.” Trump’s answer, which will air as part of a Fox News Channel broadcast, was pretty to the point: He’d institute a “stop-and-frisk” law on a nationwide level.

Stop-and-frisk programs are exactly what you’d expect them to be: They allow police to stop someone on the street based on suspicion of criminal activity. However, while Trump said that “In New York City, it was so incredible, the way stop-and-frisk worked.”

However, studies have shown it wasn’t effective and it was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in 2013. In that ruling, Federal Judge Shira A. Scheindlin noted that “the stopped population is overwhelmingly innocent — not criminal and that there’s no basis for assuming that an innocent population shares the same characteristics as the criminal suspect population in the same area.” Perhaps most tellingly, though, the judge also wrote that the law targeted “blacks and Hispanics who would not have been stopped if they were white.”

Unedited transcript of Trump’s stop-and-frisk answer to Ricardo’s question:

Right, well, one of the things I’d do Ricardo, is I would do stop-and-frisk. I think you have to. We did it in New York, it worked incredibly well, and you have to be proactive, and, you know, you really help people sort of change their mind automatically, you understand, you have to have, in my opinion, I see what’s going on here, I see what’s going on in Chicago, I think stop-and-frisk, in New York City, it was so incredible, the way it worked. Now, we had a very good mayor, but New York City was incredible, the way that worked, so I think it could be one step you could do.”

This just in from ABC News: Trump also said in part: “Our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they’ve ever been in before, ever, ever, ever,” seeming to not take into account (1) slavery, (2) institutional segregation, or (3) the violence that occurred in the 1960's as black Americans (4) fought for voting rights.

Then a day later (I think it was a day later) and in true Trump fashion when caught in a lie or awful pickle, like his stop and frisk proposal, and naturally spoken on “FOX & Friends,” he sought to amend/walk back his original position.

He said he never meant to suggest that stop and frisk would be implemented nationally, by adding: “Now Chicago is out of control. I was referring to Chicago with stop and frisk.”

Note: Oddly enough his original proposal was in response to the question that did not mention Chicago by name, though Trump cited the city in a previous answer as a place that is “out of control.”

Keep in mind, as president, Trump would not be able to unilaterally implement the policy in a single city – he would have to defer to local officials and law enforcement.

This man in a word is a loser by any and all accounts.

So, again, thanks for stopping. Be sure and watch the 1st debate September 26 and hang on tight for the next 45 days. It could get rougher and nastier (even if that’s possible) with Trump getting crazier (or even if that too is possible).

Monday, September 19, 2016

What Does a Trump-Class Weasel Look Like When Exposed to the Sunlight

Donald J. Trump in Full Bloom Again 
(For the umpteenth time)

Again Donald J. Trump, commonly known as the GOP’s candidate opens his mouth and inserts his foot – or maybe this time, both feet.  For his information, we are better off when we take suspects like this recent bombing suspect alive and into custody for a host reasons, the least of which is that they can lead us to information about others via good police interrogation that leads to more good police work to uncover any more bad buys or planned attacks. Apparently, Mr. Trump does not comprehend that.

Mr. Trump once again shows his total stupidity and basic ignorance of law enforcement tactics and the constitution as it applies to U.S. citizens, even those suspected of terrorist activities. Case in point is this headline: 

Trump’s precise words on that subject surround the bombing suspect, Ahmad Khan Rahami, who was shot and wounded and captured alive. Trump says:He will be treated to amazing medical care and an outstanding lawyer.”

Then Trump continued even after he praised the efforts of law enforcement officers by bemoaning how this “evil thug who planted the bombs in New York and New Jersey over the weekend is now receiving medical attention after being wounded in a shootout with police earlier in the day.”

Then, we have the Trump award winning statement made to that same campaign rally in Estero, FL: But the bad part, is now we will give him amazing hospitalization. He will be taken care of by some of the best doctors in the world. He will be given a fully modern and updated hospital room. And he'll probably even have room service knowing the way our country is.”

And on top of that, Trump said:He will be represented by an outstanding lawyer.”

Thus Trump implies one thing while saying something totally opposite like saying “Rahami’s case would take years to work its way through the criminal justice system until his eventual punishment is diluted.”

My Summary: Trump is a dumbass vis-à-vis the Constitution he wants to take the presidential oath to preserve, protect, and defend like the Sixth Amendment that ensures the right to a fair and speedy public trial and the right to a lawyer for all criminal defendants.

I know that Rahami will not get off lightly as Trump predicts. We can bet on that … I have faith in the Federal trial system even if Trump does not. Of course Rahami could die, too. But, hopefully not before we get some good intelligence.

Finally, Mr. Trump is a disgrace to the process and to the GOP as a whole.

Why can't the GOP see the man for what he is? Why is the media so silent and constantly giving Trump a pass? Overall, both those things are sad and disgusting.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

How Dumb is a "Stone Class Weasel" — Pretty Damn Dumb I Have to Say

Winner This Week and I Suspect for Many More Weeks to Come

#1 Adviser to “The Donald” – Imagine Him in the Oval Office Advising

This is what I've said a long time about Trump and his minions backpedaling as they blame others when they are caught with your drawers down ...

Case in Point: Trump's #1 go-to guy for advice: Roger Stone – to wit from here:

Trump Ally Roger Stone Said That Obama Birth Certificate Might Be Fake

Speaking on Boston Herald Radio Friday before Trump’s rally, Stone said in part: “He’s got real concerns here. I think the bottom line is he doesn’t know. He’s not sure. That’s not the same as I’m certain the president was born either in Hawaii or I’m certain that he was not.”

In that same interview, Stone echoed a familiar talking point of Trump surrogates and specific allies (like Alex Jones and his network of conspiracy nitwits see below reminder), who still argue that birtherism was no longer an issue and that the media would better to ignore it and also ignore the fact that ex-KKK leader David Duke is a huge Trump supporter.

Stone concluded: “Most of this, of course, is a certified distraction from Hillary’s health problems. I mean, all of a sudden David Duke is back in the news cycle. All of a sudden birtherism is back in the news cycle.”  

[Alex Jones reminders (also a Trump pal): Jones believes that a pan-global cabal of the super-rich, with its origins in a century-old cult called the Illuminati, is conspiring to exterminate most of the world’s population and enslave the rest. Among the tools of this so-called New World Order: Mind control, water fluoridation, global warming “hoaxes,” eugenics, the World Bank and the IMF, flu vaccines, FEMA, the Gates Foundation, and psycho-active drugs, both legal and illegal.  Jones also believes the recent mass shootings in Aurora, CO, and Tucson, AZ were the work of perpetrators who’d been programmed by the government as part of a plot to deprive Americans of their guns. He believes that former Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-MN) was killed by a microwave gun and dead before his plane crashed. He believes the federal government engineered the Oklahoma City bombing (April 1995) as a coded reminder of the way it had crushed the Branch Davidians at Waco, TX (April 1993)].

Yeah that Alex Jones.

So it goes and we still have this Trump truckload of crap to deal with for some 50 more days. Hang on tight.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Speaker Paul "Marathon" Ryan: "Hide Your Face" Award Contender for 2016

Awe Crap, Did I Really Put That Agency Down 
(Yes, you did)

Call it the Ryan Trophy

Open mouth insert foot the way Mr. Ryan did, and who also posted this in a tweet (BTW: what the hell is it with Republicans and tweeting policy statements)?

His tweet and the whole story from here – a must read to further see the hypocrisy of this man. Ryan had this to say about the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), whose job is to protect consumers from financial malfeasance:

Now as the late great Paul Harvey would say, “The rest of the story.”

The CFPB just fined what's supposed to be one of the best run banks in the country — Wells Fargo — $185 million for allegedly creating 2 million bank and credit card accounts for customers without their knowledge so that bank employees could hit their rather ambitious sales goals and get — earn isn't quite the right word here — bonuses.

Continue the story here. And, Mr. Ryan, you can take your foot out of your mouth anytime now. Really.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pop Quiz — Who is the Weasel in this Segment (Hint: It is not the video presenter)

Daffy Knows the Trumpettes
(Ask Him)

You may not agree with this video or the presenter or his method for many reasons ... but surely you cannot deny the facts that the contents reveal – at least not with a straight face. They are in Trump’s own words, so hang on tight and reflect back in time.

Oh, and finally, who are the Trumpettes? One view of who they might becoming:

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trump Supporters Conundrum: “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose” — WTF Moment

Whew boy ... choices, darn choices...

A truism applicable to all Trump supporters

Short and sweet as it were. GOP voters face serious choices vis-à-vis Trump: To support or not to support him.

The two single promises and perhaps most-important Trump among all the others as part of his overall campaign slogan: “Make America great again” are these:

1. Build a wall along the southern border and it will be “the greatest wall that you've ever seen.” (More here on that Wall promise).

2. Make Mexico pay for the wall and if Mexico refuses, then the United States will impound all remittance payments taken from the wages of illegal immigrants, cut foreign aid, institute tariffs, cancel visas for Mexican business leaders and diplomats, and increase fees for visas, border-crossing cards, and port use.

Then sprinkle this in: GOPers as a whole if seems quickly forget that they are the supposed “law and order party.”

But, then we hear them say: “I have nothing to hide so search me, my home, my property, and even without a warrant, just or probable cause, or due process. I don’t care.”

That attitude may be true to a certain extent, but along the way they seem to have forgotten that: “We all have plenty to protect.”

They talk of rights – then pick and choose the ones they prefer regardless of who is impacted (as long as it’s not them).


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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Weasel of the Week Award Just Announced: The Winner Was Never in Doubt

The Envelope, Please

Birds of a Feather
(Boogle, Gang, Pack, or Confusion Я Us)

Trump has crossed the proverbial line so many times that it’s difficult to document at this blog… however, I’m pretty sure the big media outlets know the score and those lines he has crossed. This line however ranks as one of his lowest.

“Trump Pushes Right-Wing Media’s Nonsense Conspiracy Theory That Huma Abedin is a Threat to America”

This ranks right at the top of wild-ass theories by Trump. It is truly astonishing to say the least. Here is the sub-title from that article:

“GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump implies that Huma Abedin, a long-time aide to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, is a security risk because of her mother’s current and her own former employment at an academic journal that writes about Muslims. Trump’s attack follows years of smears about Abedin from informal Trump adviser Roger Stone and right-wing media outlets, which have said that Abedin is disloyal to the United States and that she is a secret “Muslim Brotherhood” agent.”

I think anyone would find it hard-pressed to not say this is the lowest of the low. So, who is Trump accountable to and who will hold him accountable for all his wild statements and growing page of nasty insults of mostly innocent people?

Maybe he is not accountable now, but he will be totally accountable on Tuesday, November 8, 2010 in the General Election. That is my prediction and hopefully it will come to pass.

Continue reading at the link – it’s a good one.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Trump Says Election Will Be "Rigged.." Um ... Check Your Russian Pals, Donald

Trump Cheered for DNC Hacking
(Tells Russia to Look for More...)

Meanwhile at the FBI
 (FBI uncovers evidence of foreign hackers in state election databases) 

Background on Trump Rigging Statement from here, the highlights:

Donald Trump, trailing narrowly in presidential polls, has issued a warning to worried Republican voters: The election will be “rigged” against him — and he could lose as a result.

Trump pointed to several court cases nationwide in which restrictive laws requiring voters to show identification have been thrown out. He said those decisions open the door to fraud in November.

Trump said: “If the election is rigged, I would not be surprised. The voter ID situation has turned out to be a very unfair development. We may have people vote 10 times.”

FYI: There is little if no evidence of voter ID fraud anywhere in the country ... others errors, yes, but not voter ID fraud that the GOP pushes. 

Continue the story above link.

Now the FBI Alert to States. Seems AZ and IL state voter databases were hacked. Those highlights

The FBI has uncovered evidence that foreign hackers penetrated two state election databases in recent weeks, prompting the bureau to warn election officials across the country to take new steps to enhance the security of their computer systems, according to federal and state law enforcement officials.

The FBI warning, contained in a “flash” alert from the FBI’s Cyber Division, a copy of which was obtained by Yahoo News, comes amid heightened concerns among U.S. intelligence officials about the possibility of cyber intrusions, potentially by Russian state-sponsored hackers, aimed at disrupting the November elections.

Those concerns prompted Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to convene a conference call with state election officials on Aug. 15, in which he offered his department’s help to make state voting systems more secure, including providing federal cyber security experts to scan for vulnerabilities, according to a “readout” of the call released by the department.  

That story continues at the link.  

Rigged? Um.  As I said, Mr. Trump, check you Russian pals … oops. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Trump's 3-D Movie of Outrageous Promises: Duck, Dodge, and Deceive

Trump Faces the Moment of Truth

 Repository for Trump Promises

Trump’s #1 promise among all these 75 other promises is his campaign slogan: “Make America great again.” (I note: That implies America is weak?).

1. Build a wall along the southern border and it will be “the greatest wall that you've ever seen.”
2. Make Mexico pay for the wall and if Mexico refuses, then the United States will impound all remittance payments taken from the wages of illegal immigrants, cut foreign aid, institute tariffs, cancel visas for Mexican business leaders and diplomats, and increase fees for visas, border-crossing cards, and port use.
3. If I become president, we're all going to be saying 'Merry Christmas' again.
4. Get rid of Common Core because it's “a disaster and a very bad thing.” Trump says he wants to give local school districts more control and might even eliminate the Department of Education.
5. The Environmental Protection Agency might also disappear.
6. Get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something “terrific and so much better, so much better, so much better.”
7. Knock down the regulatory walls between states for health insurance making plans available nationally instead of regionally.
8. Rebuild the country's aging infrastructure – especially bridges and airports that look like they belong in a third-world country.
9. Save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cutting benefits.
10. Defund Planned Parenthood.
11. I will take care of women, and I have great respect for women. I do cherish women, and I will take care of women.
12. Frequently uses the term radical Islamic terrorism.
13. Temporarily ban most foreign Muslims from entering the United States “…until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on." Trump would allow exceptions for dignitaries, business people, athletes and others who have proven themselves. (Update abandons that and now adopts the JEB Bush “path to being here legally…etc. paperwork.)
4. Bar Syrian refugees from entering the country and kick out any who are already living here. Trump says wealthy Persian Gulf nations like Saudi Arabia should pay to set up a heavily guarded “safe zone in Syria.”
15. Heavily surveil mosques in the United States. Trump has said he's open to the idea of closing some mosques.
16. Create a database of Syrian refugees. Trump hasn't ruled out creating a database of Muslims in the country.
17. Never take a vacation while serving as president.
18. Prosecute Hillary Clinton for her use of a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of state.
9. Make medical marijuana widely available to patients and allow states to decide if they want to fully legalize pot or not.
20. Stop spending money on space exploration until the United States can fix its potholes. Encourage private space-exploration companies to expand.
21. Pick Supreme Court justices who are “really great legal scholars.”
22. Ensure that Iowa continues to host the nation's first presidential nominating contest.
23. Strengthen the military so that it's “so big and so strong and so great that nobody's going to mess with us.”
24. Be unpredictable no one is going to touch us, because I'm so unpredictable.
25. Allow Russia to deal with the Islamic State in Syria and to work with Russian President Vladimir Putin to wipe out shared enemies.
26. Bomb the sh*t out of ISIS and also bomb oil fields controlled by the Islamic State, then seize the oil and give the profits to military veterans who were wounded while fighting.
27. Target and kill the relatives of terrorists.
28. Shut down parts of the Internet so that Islamic State terrorists cannot use it to recruit American children.
29. Bring back water boarding which is torture. He's willing to use it and go even further than water boarding he says.
30. Leave troops in Afghanistan because it's such a mess and protect Israel. And increase U.S. military presence in the East and South China Seas.
31. Find an “out clause” in the Iran nuclear deal and then totally renegotiate the whole thing.
32. I promise I will never be in a bicycle race. That I can tell you. (This promise is connected to criticism of Secretary of State John F. Kerry, who was injured while riding a bicycle amid the Iran negotiations.)
33. Refuse to call Iran's leader by his preferred title saying I guarantee you I will be never calling him the Supreme Leader ... I'll say, “Hey baby, how ya doing?” But I will never call him the Supreme Leader.”
34. Negotiate the release of all U.S. prisoners held in Iran before taking office. (Five hostages were recently released, including Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian; Trump has taken some credit for this.)
35. Oppose the killing of journalists I hate some of these people, but I would never kill them.” 
36. Find great generals like Patton or MacArthur -- do not allow them to go onto television news shows to explain their military strategy: I don't want my generals being interviewed, I want my generals kicking ass.” Trump likes generals who are rough, foul-mouthed and beloved by their troops.
37. Drop that “dirty, rotten traitor” Bowe Bergdahl out of an airplane into desolate Afghanistan without a parachute.
38. Fire “the corrupt and incompetent leaders of the VA and dramatically reform the agency. Allow veterans to take their military identification card to any medical facility that accepts Medicaid patients to receive care. Embed satellite VA clinics in rural hospitals and under served areas, and ensure than every VA hospital is permanently staffed with Ob-Gyn doctors.
39. Invest more heavily in programs that help Vets transition back to civilian life, including job training and placement services. Also increase funding for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries and mental health issues. Veterans who apply for a job at a VA facility will have five points added to their qualifying scores.
40. Bring back jobs from China and Mexico, Japan, and elsewhere.
41. I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.
42. Students at Wofford College in South Carolina, where Trump attended a town hall, will all have jobs at graduation.
43. Aggressively challenge China's power in the world declaring the country a currency manipulator, adopting a zero tolerance policy on intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer, and cracking down on China's lax labor and environmental standards.
44. Rather than throw the Chinese president a state dinner, buy him a McDonald's hamburger and say we've got to get down to work.
45. Replace free trade with fair trade. Gather together the smartest negotiators in the world, assign them each a country and renegotiate all foreign trade deals.
46. Put billionaire hedge fund manager Carl Icahn in charge of trade negotiations with China and Japan pick an ambassador to Japan who is a killer, unlike the current ambassador, Caroline Kennedy.
47. Tell Ford Motor president that unless he cancels plans to build a massive plant in Mexico, the company will face a 35 percent tax on cars imported back into the United States. 
48. Force Nabisco to once again make Oreos in the United States and bully Apple into making its “damn computers and other products” here.
49. Impose new taxes on many imports into the country. Numbers thrown around have included 32 percent, 34 percent and 35 percent.
50. Grow the nation's economy by at least 6 percent.
51. Reduce the $18 trillion national debt by vigorously eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government, ending redundant government programs and growing the economy to increase tax revenues.
52. Cut the budget by 20 percent by simply renegotiating.
53. Get rid of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
54. Simplify the U.S. tax code and reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to four. The highest earners would pay a 25-percent tax. The corporate tax rate would fall to 15 percent. Eliminate the marriage penalty for taxpayers and get rid of the alternate minimum tax.
55. No longer charge income tax to single individuals earning less than $25,000 per year or couples earning less than $50,000. These people will, however, be required to file a one-page form with the Internal Revenue Service that states: I win.
56. Ensure that Americans can still afford to golf.
57. Allow corporations a one-time window to transfer money being held overseas, charging a much-reduced 10 percent tax.
58. Get rid of most corporate tax loopholes or incentives, but continue to allow taxpayers to deduct mortgage interest and charitable donations from their taxes.
59. On his first day in office, Trump would get rid of gun-free zones at military bases and in schools.
60. Use common sense to fix the mental health system and prevent mass shootings. Find ways to arm more of the “good guys like him who can take out the “sickos.” Get rid of bans on certain types of guns and magazines so that “good, honest people” can own the guns of their choice.
61. Impose a minimum sentence of five years in federal prison for any violent felon who commits a crime using a gun, with no chance for parole or early release.
62. Fix the background check system used when purchasing guns to ensure states are properly uploading criminal and health records.
63. Allow concealed-carry permits to be recognized in all 50 states.
64. Sign an executive order calling for the death penalty for anyone found guilty of killing a police officer.
65. Provide more funding for police training.
66. And provide more funding for drug treatment, especially for heroin addicts.
67. On the first day in office, terminate President Obama's executive orders related to immigration. This includes getting rid of sanctuary cities that Trump says have become refuges for criminals.
68. Deport the almost 11 million immigrants illegally living in the United States.
69. Triple the number of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.
70. Continue to allow lowly paid foreign workers to come to the United States on temporary works visas because Trump says they are the only ones who want to pick grapes.
71. End birthright citizenship (repeal the 14th Amendment).
72. Say things that are politically incorrect, because the country does not have time to waste with political correctness.
73. Be a cheerleader for America and bring the country's spirit back. “Take the brand of the United States and make it great again.”
74. Bring back the American Dream.
75. Start winning again. “We're going to win so much – win after win after win – that you're going to be begging me: Please, Mr. President, let us lose once or twice. We can't stand it anymore. And I'm going to say: No way. We're going to keep winning. We're never going to lose. We're never, ever going to lose.”

Donald J. Trump – candidate of promises and Talk Radio sound bites lacking any substance whatsoever.

Historical note: Trump is just like this former GOP presidential candidate who won on a series of promises. To wit:

During the presidential campaign of 1928, the GOP issued a circular claiming that if Herbert Hoover were to win there would be “a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.”

Despite Hoover’s landslide victory over Alfred E. Smith, the Republican Party's promise of prosperity was derailed seven months after Hoover took the oath of office with the stock market crash of 1929 which plunged the country into the Great Depression and people eventually lost confidence in Hoover thereby laying the groundwork for “The New Deal” presidency under FDR that began in 1932.

What we see now is history repeating itself. Thanks for stopping by.