Thursday, February 23, 2017

CPAC Convention: Fancy Word for Weasels to Gather and Listen to BS

These three should be next on the chopping block

The Real Power in the White House and Most-Influential

On the administration's first 30 days in office and actions, Bannon had this to say (via NPR) at the CPAC convention, in part. I note: If you watch any of that convention, it will reinforce all the nasty things about conservatives you always thought you knew and then some... pretty pitiful stuff to say the least (esp. from DeVos and Bannon).
1.  He called Trump's withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “ of the most pivotal moments in modern American history.”
2.  He said another top Trump priority would be the “... deconstruction of the administrative state, including rolling back Obama-era government regulations and trade agreements.”
3.  He also praised the president's Cabinet picks and said “…they were selected for a reason and that is deconstruction.”

Okay, Bannon, WTF does “deconstruction” really?  

1.  Does it mean to take America back to the future, say pre-1775?
2.  Does it mean that this time around we keep another King in place (Donald XLV instead of George III)?
3.  Does it means we willy-nilly toss aside the Constitution and replace it with what – a new version of the Magna Carta?

“Deconstruct” to me and I’m sure many others means “tear down, demolish, destroy, do away with, grind up” and then do what: Reconstruct the nation and all we stand for these past 240 years into the mold of Donald J. Trump with golden towers included.
Bannon has been called the most-dangerous man in America, even far worse than “Dark Dick” Cheney under Bush pulling his strings. I think so since he has the ear of Trump and close to his elbow, and currently on the NSC (where he does not belong at all). Let’s face it, Bannon now is in the highest office of the land – higher than anything he has ever seen, dreamed of, or even been part of in the past.
Now take a look at this and see if you agree up to this point or not about Bannon:
The Great Manipulator

FYI: The NSC and Its Role: The “Principals Committee” led by the national security adviser himself is the body that decides foreign policy issues that do not go to the president directly, but they frame choices and options for those that do go to the President for consideration, possible direct action, or major policy shifts.
It should be noted that veterans of past administrations and members of Congress from both parties have criticized the decision to put Bannon on the “Principals Committee” of the NSC saying that it risked injecting politics into national security. And, that my friends is precisely what we do not need.
What makes it both worse and dangerous is that Bannon more than anyone else has Trump’s ear.
So, in all honesty, Bannon is the menace and Trump is his Dennis.

Bannon has go and anyway possible – by hook or by crook.

You might say, what the hell does that mean? Well, it means exactly what that old English phrase says it means: “By any means necessary should be taken to accomplish a goal or mission or task.” FYI: The phrase was first recorded in the Middle English text “Controversial Tracts” written by John Wyclif in 1380. Anyway applicable, getting rid of Bannon should be a national goal and movement – ASAP. 

He has to go, folks, no exceptions.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

“Almost Everyone in U.S. Without Papers Now Priority for Deportation”

Right Now in Trump Administration – Easy to Lose Count
(so it seems almost daily)

The latest news with this headlines has rattled a lot of undocumented people: 

“Trump’s immigration crackdown and detention policy out for implementation.” 

Okay, how do we measure any incompetence? Let’s start with the new DHS policy implementation memos, which in essence say in part:

1.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents will treat most unauthorized immigrants currently in the U.S. as “priorities” for deportation.
2.  The government will dramatically increase its capacity to detain immigrants, and  should detain nearly all immigrants caught near the U.S. (Southern) border.
3.  That ICE shall work aggressively and will deputize local law enforcement to act as Federal agents who can arrest unauthorized immigrants.
4.  Make it easier to deport children who come to the U.S. alone to reunite with their parents — or parents they are reuniting with.
Basically keeps, or so they say they will keep, the promises made under DACA (the so-called “Dreamer” law) – but, we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out. Allow the kids to stay, but boot out Mom and Dad … nice…!!! (Or like this sick example).
Most of the policies laid out in the memos won’t change overnight. It’s now the job of agencies, including ICE, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), to do another round of interpretation and implementation based on these new memos.
(I Note: What will be people’s initial ID be based on: (1) How they look, (2) their ethnicity, (3) how they dress or hang out, or (4) their accent or speech?)

Highlights and What Could be Next?

1.  “Papers, show me your papers.”

2.  So, what is next: Tattoos on forearms with a control number?

3.  Then trains or buses to move them to a “detention center” where they will be held or “concentrated” in one area until they are shipped out of the U.S. and back to the country of their origin, and of course at tax payer’s expense (unless Trump will get their native countries to reimburse us like Mexico for the wall, um?).

Assume they have a job in the U.S. – some for years or longer. What happens to that job once they are yanked from it? What about their children. Say they have 2 or 3 or more with some brought here as infants or even born here? That’s a legal question for sure (i.e., the 14th Amendment – oops).
Maybe the employers will follow this Trump example that I posted about earlier also as seen below and in this link:
Trump won approval in December 2016 to hire 77 foreign workers at his Mar-a-Lago resort and Jupiter golf course through the H-2B visa program, according to a review of data from the U. S. Department of Labor (DOL).
CNN reported July 2016 that Trump companies employed at least 1,256 foreign workers — most from Romania and South Africa over the past 15 years. His companies applied to hire 263 foreign workers even after Trump launched his presidential campaign in which he railed against the loss of U.S. jobs to foreign workers. (How ironic is that and what do we call that? Oh, yeah con-man hypocrisy).
I Note: Some of those new Trump employees will receive less pay than they did the year before from the newly minted deal maker-in-chief for example: Labor records show that 25 cooks hired at Trump’s Palm Beach County properties will earn $12.74 an hour, down from $13.01 an hour the year before. Some 15 house keepers and 37 wait staff, however, will see a modest raises.
They will earn $10.17 an hour and $11.13 an hour, respectively, up from $10.07 an hour and $10.99 an hour last year.
A big concern for many who are asylum-seekers. They can be released from detention if they can meet two tests:
(1) They have to prove to an asylum officer that they have a “credible fear” of persecution.
(2) They then must prove to an ICE agent that they are who they say they are and aren’t a security risk.
Depending on how those standards are set, and how ICE agents decide to implement them, that could result in the detention of tens of thousands of children and families?  Overall, immigrants in the detention centers will now have a much harder time getting a fair hearing, let alone getting a lawyer, or even having time to make their case. That means the government is more likely to send a person who should have qualified for asylum back to her home country, thus possibly putting them in mortal danger.
(I note: It is a violation of international law for any country to return a person or persons to places they have escaped where they are or say they are not safe or fear for their lives and safety).
We have not the first or last of this. Stay tuned for sure.

Monday, February 20, 2017

GOP Senate Leader of the Only Boogle in Town or So It Seems

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) — GOP Senate “Leader's” Call-Sign

Need any examples more than you probably already know he is famous for like this keeper from his October 23, 2010 National Journal interview reported on here from the Washington Post, in part:

McConnell: “We need to be honest with the public. This election is about them, not us. And we need to treat this election as the first step in retaking the government. We need to say to everyone on Election Day, ‘Those of you who helped make this a good day, you need to go out and help us finish the job.’”

NJ: “What’s the job?”

McConnell: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” So, Mitch old bean, how’d that work out for you, um?

Here is a great clip (about 5 minutes):

Now from all that it is plain to see and hear just know nasty Mitch McConnell and the GOP truly has been and continues to be. 

Like when he played for a very long time awful nasty politics about not allowing Judge Garland to get a fair and open Senate hearing for the vacant USSC seat left by the death of Justice Scalia. 

Seen and heard above in his own words, not mine. So, I dare the GOP to say they were not anti-Obama, or were not Obama haters. 

No, in fact, I double dog dare them to say that. It is plain to see that the “O” in their name, Grand “Old” Party now means: OBSTRUCTIONISTS.

Thanks for stopping and boy, I hope you are from KY.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trump Vineyards File for More Immigrant Workers — They Are Shorthanded

Story coincides with Trump’s new book 

This startling story is below, so is it “FAKE or REAL NEWS?” (p.s. Don’t ask Donald J. Trump – you won’t like the answer):

My Dumb Q: “How much longer will or can Trump voters cling to this bullshit artist in the White House?”   

Utterly amazing, isn’t it?

Trump supporters: You have been had and played big time.

Friday, February 17, 2017

GOP ACA Replacement Plan: Art of the Con, Flim Flam, Scam, Snake Oil

Speaker Paul “Marathon” Ryan Consults Soothsayer on the Plan

My notes on these two key parts:
It will impact health coverage to 20 million Americans on these two main points (my emphasis and key words underlined):
(1) It expanded Medicaid coverage to Americans below or just above the poverty line in states that participated,
(2)  It offered income-based tax credits for middle-income people to buy their own insurance.
How will the “GOP Replacement Plan” alter those two key provisions? By these two simple, yet harsh steps:
(1)  It would substantially cut funding for states in providing free insurance to low-income adults in the Medicaid expansion part: (1) above.
(2)   It would change how tax credits are distributed by giving all Americans not covered through work a flat credit by age, regardless of income: (2) above.

Tax Credit Explained: A tax credit is an amount of money a taxpayer is able to subtract from taxes owed to the government. The value of a tax credit depends on the nature of the credit, and certain types of tax credits are granted to individuals or businesses in specific locations, classifications or industries. Unlike deductions or exemptions which reduce the amount of taxable income, tax credits reduce the actual amount of tax owed.

Thus, a rich retired billionaire or one serving as a Cabinet Secretary who didn’t have a job in the cabinet with access to government after leaving office would get the same amount of financial assistance as someone his age, living in poverty, and substantially more money than a poor, young person.

ERGO: A billionaire could get a tax credit to buy health insurance the same as a young person in a low-wage job or a retiree who has a fixed income?

KEY ASPECT: The current system (Obamacare) was set up to ensure that low and middle-income Americans can afford the cost of their premiums. The Republican plan would not do that, and would result in many more low-income people losing out on coverage if they couldn’t find the money to pay the gap between their fixed tax credit and the cost of a health plan. The plan has additional features that redistribute resources from the poor to the rich.
For example: It would allow Americans to sock more money away for health spending in special tax-free health savings accounts. That benefit falls largely to higher income-people who pay more in taxes, and a recent analysis of current health savings accounts found that they are held disproportionately by families with high earnings.
(I NOTE: This white paper is silent on two Obamacare taxes that target wealthier Americans and shows the Republican plan to eliminate a number of taxes on the health care industry).
What this “plan doesn’t do” is to change any of the Obamacare regulations on health insurance that Republicans say drive up the cost. Those rules, including requirements that every plan cover a standard package of benefits, and those requiring companies to charge the same prices to healthy and sick Americans, would stay on the books, because they can’t be easily changed through the budget process.
(I NOTE: This is nice loophole that favors the target of ACA as written right now… the people in need – not the rich GOP pals).
Continue reading here. Good stuff – but only good stuff that favors the “guess-who-crowd?” Yep, the top crust for the GOP elite. And, why would we expect anything different from the GOP, right?

We still have a long way to go, but one thing stands out and underscores one key thing among many other key things: That is just how important elections and the outcome really are. They certainly do have consequences, right?

So, did you vote?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

ACA (Obamacare) on GOP Chopping Block Endangering 20 Million Insured

All Along the GOP Plan to Fix Health Care in America

Obamacare Final Solution
(In the GOP's own words)

Update or status report if you will on the latest GOP “Repeal/Replace the ACA (Obamacare)” move according to Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI). 
First this reminder: A mere week before he was sworn into office Donald J. Trump insisted that any ACA repeal would not occur without a replacement plan ready to go, too.
Of course he was still in some sort of campaign-style mode as he said (January 12, 2017) when he said:Obamacare is the Democrats’ problem. We’re going to take the problem off the shelves for them. We’re doing them a tremendous favor.”
My Memo for Mr. Trump and the entire all GOP-run Congress is this simple rule – lest they forget which is:The Pottery Barn rule: You break it, you own it.”
Background on how we got to this final showdown stage: The GOP House vote to repeal and replace was 227 to 198 (Note: Nine Republicans joined all the Democrats in voting no – they apparently have some honor).
It then passed in the senate under a simple majority budget rule that was designed to block the DEMS by a vote of 51-48.
The main story to date from USA TODAYthe highlighted notes are mine:
House Speaker Paul Ryan said recently that Republicans will introduce a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare when lawmakers return from their recess while waiting for the actual release date until the cost of the replacement bill estimation is provide by the CBO and Joint Committee on Taxation. 
Then Ryan said: It has become increasingly clear that this law is collapsing.”
My note: Yes, it is collapsing for reason Mr. Ryan - it follows your entire strategy statement: “Wreck it or break it and blame the wreck on Mr. Obama just like for other policy: Break the systems and then blame the systems for being broken. Sadly, the GOP base laps up all that  BS up by the truckload. So, there are no GOPers now with ACA or subsidy to help them or none have care under the extended Medicaid coverage, right? Yeah, right.”
Ryan went on to cite a recent announcement by Humana to pull out of Obamacare's health exchanges as another sign that the current system is failing then he added:It will keep getting worse unless we act.”
My note: I call that the GOP “savior rule” means only they can save the day. 
More Ryan BS:
1. The replacement bill will give consumers the power to choose their own health care plans in a more competitive marketplace.
2. There be “tax credits” which are likely to replace the current method which is government subsidies for about 85% of Americans who purchased their coverage from the Obamacare exchanges.
3. Ryan emphasized that “A tax credit is a fixed amount to be used to buy the health plan of their own choosing. What we're proposing is a patient-centered system where patients get to decide what to do.”
4. Ryan also said that Republicans would love to have DEM support but also said it's clear Democrats don't want to support the GOP plan since they “want to go down the socialized medicine path with their idea about support for a “public option that would create a government-run health insurance agency to compete with private companies and the GOP cannot allow that.”
5. Re: More than a dozen states have expanded Medicaid programs to help the poor with federal help. Those families are worried about losing their coverage.
I note: Ryan said in part (which is pretty weak): “We're going to have to find solutions that accommodate those concerns.” Now I ask bluntly: WTF does that mean?
Republicans made the repeal and replacement of Obamacare a major promise of their election campaigns last year and now they have the House votes to do that without any DEM votes, but the GOP would need help from Democrats to pass a replacement plan in the Senate.
Finally: This may just be just a footnote in history – facts worth re-posting:

Thanks for stopping by and for sure stay tuned … this ought to be the best show in town.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Load the Weasel Wagons (if they have any) and Dropoff at 1600 PA Ave

Base of Power: Investigate Flynn Yes or No
(Read Our Lips - Hell No...!!!) 

Resignation was correct

WASHINGTON (USA Today) — As Democrats called for further investigations following the resignation of Gen. Michael Flynn over conversations he had with the Russian ambassador, House Republicans refused to commit with Speaker Ryan saying: “I think we need to get all of that information before we prejudge anything.”
Memo for reluctant GOPers: That is the sole purpose of any and all investigations – to get all the information leading to the truth one way or the other.
You know the junkyard dog GOP type investigative approach you used against Hillary Clinton (for political gain mostly) vis-à-vis “her supposed failure about the Benghazi consulate attack and her “illegal” email server” and even the GOP desire to investigate the Clinton foundation. Or, have you lost your total capacity to remember – wait I just answered my own question – never mind.
Contrasting GOPer views are all over the place within their own ranks:
The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) also gave no indication that further investigations would follow the resignation, saying: “Mike Flynn served his country with distinction. The President needs a National Security Advisor whom he can trust and I defer to him to decide who best fills that role.” (Note: That committee is conducting an investigation of allegations of Russian tampering in the 2016 election).

On the other hand, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO), a member of that same said on KTRS radio: “I think everybody needs that investigation to happen. I would think that we should talk to Gen. Flynn very soon and that should answer a lot of questions like: What did he know? What did he do? And is there any reason to believe that anybody else knew that and didn't take the kind of action they should have taken?”

Other GOP positions:

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has never hesitated to criticize the Trump administration’s relationship with Russia was not yet ready to call for a separate probe of Flynn, saying: “It’s too early yet to draw conclusions except that there are serious questions that need to be answered.”

House Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID), leader of the conservative House Freedom Caucus that Rep. Meadows chairs said: “I want the Intelligence Committee to look into it,” adding that if Rep. Nunes is not pursuing an investigation, then “maybe he’s already looked at the transcripts of Flynn's calls and realized there is no there, there.” (Note: Bill Clinton phrase in Lewinsky case).
Various DEM stances:
Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and ranking member on the House Judiciary 
Committee, and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) ranking member on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, called for full classified briefings this week, saying in a joint statement: “We in Congress need to know who authorized his actions, permitted them, and continued to let him have access to our most sensitive national security information despite knowing these risks. We need to know who else within the White House is a current and ongoing risk to our national security.”

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) the top Democrat on the House Homeland Security committee, said: “Now more than ever, we need an independent commission to fully investigate Russia's interference with the election and any potential Trump campaign ties to the Kremlin.”
Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) chair of the Democratic caucus said: “Flynn’s resignation is not the end of our investigation into Russia’s influence over President Trump, but the beginning. This is much larger than Flynn… the real question is, what did President Trump know and when did he know it? Did the president order Flynn to call the Russians for example?”
Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chair said in a statement: “Nothing about this resignation, or resignations that could occur in the future, precludes the Senate Intelligence Committee from continuing to investigate Gen. Flynn, or any other campaign official who may have had inappropriate and improper contacts with Russian officials prior to the election.”
My final words on the overall GOP reluctance to pursue this like they did Benghazi and email server issue with Hillary Clinton like a junkyard dog is simple: CYA and hypocritical. Shameful…!!!
Note that Melissa, I mean Sean Spicer’s Press Conference seen here about Flynn resignation – it is about 10-minutes – seen below and note: There are many links on the side page at this sites that are related to this story … good stuff.

Finally, this regarding the Russian reaction which is enlightening and kind of funny in a sick ironic sort of way at the same time regarding their “outrage” about Michael Flynn’s resignation from ABC News.  

Many in Russia are calling it the result of American paranoia towards Moscow and a campaign by Trump’s opponents to damage relations between Russia and the United States. The Kremlin has confirmed the calls but denied the sanctions were mentioned. A series of senior lawmakers in Moscow came to Flynn’s defense on Tuesday, saying he had been forced out for seeking dialogue with Russia.  

Prominent Russian government officials have celebrated Trump's election victory as a chance to rebuild relations and have derided the accusations of interference as a “red scare” effort to weaken Trump.

Across the board, top Russian official are saying things like:

“Even a readiness for dialogue is perceived by the hawks in Washington as thought-crime.

To force a national security adviser to resign for contacts with the Russian ambassador (a usual diplomatic practice) -— it’s not even paranoia but something immeasurably worse.

Paranoia and a witch-hunt. Either Trump has not acquired the sought-for independence. Russophobia has already permeated the new administration from top to bottom.”

So, get ready to rumble ... yeah, sure... just don't count on the majority party to step up or step forward ... 
Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nordstrom Responds About Dropping Ivanka: Not Fake News Mr. President

Any Abuse of Power or Abuse of His Office
(Yes or No)

This major story is updated here on this Trump-Nordstrom back and forth. And, now it is a very, serious serious matter in my view and hopefully in the view of proper Federal investigators Congress to address this simple question: Is there a case here about the abuse of power of his presidential office?

If so, and possibly there is, then Donald J. Trump faces possible impeachment just like Richard M. Nixon faced with his impeachment for “His abuse of power.” If so, then Mr. Trump must be impeached or resign and save the country from this nightmare, for surely it is. We could call this: Nordstrom-gate – the most-recent update is in the article and it is pretty profound.

Simply stated from the story is also this from Cosmopolitan and other links below:

1.  After Nordstrom announced its decision to stop carrying Ivanka Trump's clothing and jewelry brand due to poor sales, President Donald Trump took to Twitter on to state his belief that the brand was treating his daughter (in part) “…so unfairly despite her being a great person.”
2.  That same message was later retweeted via his official @POTUS account.
3.  That as Harper's Bazaar points out – “means is was an official, taxpayer-funded account that just trashed Nordstrom.”
Donald J. Trump must held to account. Congress and the DOJ, are you paying attention? You should – you serve the county, not any one person above the law.

This needs to be cleared up and put to rest one way or the other. We the People have a compelling need to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Weasels Belong to the Same Unethical Club: Trump White House

Unethical to the Umpteenth Degree: Not too bright, but savvy
(Kellyanne Conway)

Plain and Simple: Conway broke government rules and laws on Fox and Friends (of course on Fox – where else):

President Trump’s official counselor, Kellyanne Conway, was “counseled” after she told TV audiences to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff,” the White House said Thursday.
Legal experts said Conway had broken a key ethics law banning federal employees from using their public office to endorse products. White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday that Conway “has been counseled,” but offered no other comment.
Conway, speaking to “Fox & Friends” viewers from the White House briefing room, was responding to boycotts of Ivanka Trump merchandise and Nordstrom’s discontinuation of stocking her clothing and shoe lines, which the retailer said was in response to low sales and which the president assailed as unfair.
Conway’s precise commercial Ad for Ivanka Trump products: “I’m going to give it a free commercial here. Go buy it today.”
Here is the Fox clip of Conway’s “free commercial” – in her own words, not mine: More from the article (key points):

More from the article (key points):
1. Conway had broken a key ethics law banning federal employees from using their public office to endorse products.
2.  Several attorneys, including former heads of federal agencies, said Conway’s endorsement directly conflicted with OGE rules designed to separate government policy from private business dealings, including these remarks from Campaign Legal Center general counsel Lawrence Noble, who is also former counsel for the Federal Election Commission: “I don’t see what their defense is. She did this on television. She was very clear it was advertising. Hopefully at the very least they will acknowledge this is wrong.” 
3. This from Don W. Fox, former general counsel and former acting director of OGE, said: “Conway’s encouragement to buy Ivanka’s stuff would seem to be a clear violation of rules prohibiting misuse of public office for anyone’s private gain. This is jaw-dropping to me. This rule has been promulgated by the federal Office of Government Ethics as part of the Standards of Conduct for all executive branch employees and it applies to all members of the armed forces as well.”
4.  Attorneys all across the board have said a typical executive-branch employee who violated the rule could face significant disciplinary action, including a multi-day suspension and loss of pay. However, enforcement measures are largely left to the head of the federal agency — and in Conway’s case that is the White House.
(I note: Doubtful that Trump will take any action … that part of the swamp and changes to the way “Washington works will be fixed” probably do not apply here, I suspect).
5.  Noteworthy: Federal law states the director of OGE can advise the White House and Conway of the violation, conduct its own investigation and recommend that they consider disciplinary action But, even that happening which is also doubtful,  OGE’s recommendations are non-binding, and the ultimate decision resides with the White House.
Impact: Conway’s endorsement comes as the Trump administration faces growing scrutiny over whether it is taking fears of conflicts of interest seriously.
This is not the first example and surely it will not be the last … why not: Trump will push the limits for what he wants to do regardless of the blowback… if they get caught red-handed, then they backpedal and tap dance without any apology or fix; just more excuses and blame someone else. If they are not called out on things like this story, then “they just keep on truckin.”
Hang on tight. This is the group now in charge of the whole nine yards as they say. Seems that FOX controls the whole damn Hen House.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Do Weasels Have a Sense of Humor — Meet the Trump Boogle

Okay ... which one is Sean Spicer
(Hard to tell)

Very interesting headlines below from the UK (the Daily Mail)It kind of sums up the recent SNL show and skit that poked fun at Sean Spicer (Trump’s press secretary) over in the UK and also here at home.

Will Melissa McCarthy get Sean Spicer fired? Trump is “not happy a woman” played his embattled press secretary in SNL's show-stopping skit and hates that it makes him look weak   

•  Trump uncharacteristically absent from Twitter after Feb 4 SNL. 
•  Melissa McCarthy played a belligerent Press Secretary Sean Spicer.
•  A source close to the president said it was his portrayal by a woman that was most problematic.
•  Spicer has been looking to improve his image after a failed first impression.

Based on this story and comments therein it is apparent that the Grand Old Party has no sense of humor regarding SNL or anyone who happens to poke fun at and discuss their White House ways with humor mixed with the facts. 

One wonders why since the GOP now has 00% control of government (i.e., the White House and both wings of Congress), and and possibly the Supreme Court assuming Judge Neil Gorsuch is confirmed for the vacant seat left by the death of former Justice Scalia last year.

Anyone who stands up to the Trump team in any humorous or even serious way (e.g., The Daily Show and other late night comedy) is also moving targets.

Highlights from the story:
Melissa McCarthy's barnstorming portrayal of Sean Spicer has left President Trump deeply unimpressed, according to sources.
The president is apparently furious that Saturday Night Live had a woman play the press secretary and feels that it makes him look feeble.
Indeed, the president has been uncharacteristically silent about this weekend's show, having repeatedly attacked it in the past on Twitter for Alec Baldwin's impression of him. According to insiders, this is a sign of how uncomfortable Trump is with the merciless lampooning of Spicer by McCarthy who played him as unhinged and easily rattled.
And according to Politico, White House insiders have said they worry now for Spicer's “longevity” in the image conscious world of the Trump White House.
“Trump doesn't like his people to look weak,” added a top Trump donor.
Continue the story here – great read.

Boy, I can’t wait until next Saturday and all the Saturdays left in the Trump TV show era. When you challenge SNL or other comedy act, be prepared to duck.

Stay tuned for sure.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Presidential Cabinet and Staff Pool — Shallow, Cracked, Irreparable

Image result for trump cabinet nominee quotes

Image result for trump cabinet nominee quotes

Image result for trump cabinet nominee quotes

Image result for trump cabinet nominee quotes

Image result for trump cabinet nominee quotes

Image result for sean madman spicer

The Trump cabinet and W/H staff nominee appointment list – that is the candidate pool: Was and remains shallow and short in the competence and experience categories.

Examples above — case closed.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Wisest Man in White House is Not — He is Here — Here He Is — He Here Is

Trump Team Has Been Evaluated By The Best
(Analysis Just Filed)

A must-read article – in their own words, NOT mine to see just show awful and phony and this Trump administration and the few of the GOPers are, too. The all mostly who kiss Trump’s ring or ass (take your pick). 
You can read the whole article, but I wanted to emphasize the following points annotated in RED and numbered:
1.  McConnell calls Putin a “thug” but refuses to criticize Trump. President Trump’s comments about Russian President Vladimir Putin in a pre-taped interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly scheduled to air before Sunday’s Super Bowl are raising eyebrows among some Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
2.  When O’Reilly described Putin as “a killer,” Trump said the United States has killers too, and continued: “There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?”
3.  On CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell offered a different description of Putin, saying: “He’s a thug. The Russians annexed Crimea, invaded Ukraine, and messed around in our elections. I don’t think there’s any equivalency between the way Russians conduct themselves and the way the United States does.” Then McConnell added: “Look, Jake, I can speak for myself, and I already have, about my feelings about Vladimir Putin and the way the Russians operate. I’m not going to critique every utterance of the president. I obviously don’t see this issue the same way he does.”
5.  Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) doesn’t agree, saying: “You know, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what the president is trying to do. But let’s be clear. Has the U.S. ever made any mistakes? Of course. Is the U.S. at all like Putin’s regime? Not at all. The U.S. affirms freedom of speech. Putin is no friend of freedom of speech. Putin is an enemy of freedom of religion. The U.S. celebrates freedom of religion. Putin is an enemy of the free press. The U.S. celebrates free press. Putin is an enemy of political dissent. The U.S. celebrates political dissent and the right for people to argue free from violence about places or ideas that are in conflict.” The he added: “There is no moral equivalency between the United States of America, the greatest freedom living nation in the history of the world, and the murderous thugs that are in Putin’s defense of his cronyism.”
6.  On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Vice President Mike Pence refused to acknowledge there was a “moral equivalency” in the president’s comments.
Pence said the following while looking and acting like Fred Astaire about Trump’s Putin view and comments: “What you heard there was a determination to attempt to deal with the world as it is. Let’s start afresh with Putin and start afresh with Russia.”
John Dickerson asked Pence: “Do you think America is morally superior to Russia?”
7.  Pence again tap danced: “What we have in this new president is someone who is willing to engage the world, including Russia, and saying, ‘Where can we find common interests that will advance the security of the American people? The peace and prosperity of the world, and he is determined to come at that in a new and renewed way.”
Dickerson asked again: “But is America morally superior to Russia, yes or no?”
8.  Pence demurred: “I believe the ideals that America has stood for throughout our history represent the highest ideals of humankind.” Pence said.
Dickerson asked still again: “Shouldn’t we be able to just say yes to that question, that America is morally superior to Russia?”
9. Pence really tap danced on this answer (note he cannot or will not say “Russia” or Putin in his answer): “I think it is without question, John, that American ideals are superior to countries all across the world.”
See this “team” truly exposed as noted above for what they truly are: Novices in power. But this is not just a learning curve, either. It is all carefully crafted and scripted and calculated for the maximum impact. 
If they are not called on their crap, then they will continue as happy larks. 
If they are called out, as they should be, then watch them dance in circles like Conway and Spicer. For Mr. Trump, well it's second nature — it's in his DNA.
The ancient Chinese wise man, Ho Lee Chit would be proud of them – all of them. Yoda not so much. SAD…!!!