Friday, July 29, 2016

Hey Vlad: "Can you hear me now?" — You are cleared to hack all you want

Зеленый свет , чтобы шпионить за нами . Нет проблем.
(Green light to spy on us. No problem.)

Related to the latest Trump flap – but guess what? He doesn’t give a damn – he gets caught with more stupidity, changes the story, or blames the media, or routinely, walks it back.

I’ll post it and leave their words speak for themselves – whether it matters or not we will have to wait until Election Day, November 8, 2016. Then sound off loud and clear:


  1.  Horror After Trump Calls for Russian Hacking: “A Child Playing With Matches” 
  2.  Former CIA Director Slams Trump's Encouragement of Russian Espionage 
  3.  Right-Wing Media Claim Trump Was “Joking” 
  4.  Fact Check: Trump’s Claim Earns “Four Pinocchios” 
  5.  Trump Criticized for Connections to Russia and “Downright Frightening” NATO Statements

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Porous DNC Email Leaks — Put a Stopper in Them — Um, Plug in Which End

Enemy #1 to Decent People and Society at Large 

Possible Culprit and Beneficiary 

Hold down the cheering and yelling and premature celebrating.

The big question in the news: Is Russia behind this DNC email WikiLeaks of some 20,000 stolen emails from DNC computer servers. Discussion about the role of Russian intelligence agencies in disrupting the 2016 campaign is now back in the limelight based their previous track record of such hacks.

Proving anything this early is difficult, but researchers and cyber experts have concluded that the DNC was breached by two Russian intelligence agencies, which happen to be the same attackers behind previous Russian cyber operations at the White House, the State Department, and in the JCS just last year. Plus, this theft would be among the most important state-sponsored hacks yet of an American organization rivaled by the attacks on OPM by state-sponsored Chinese hackers, or the attack on Sony Pictures blamed on North Korea.

In those cases, too, embarrassing emails were released, but they had no political significance. This WikiLeaks release, however, has more of a tinge of Russian-style information war, in which the intent of the revelations is to alter political events – but exactly how, is still bit of a mystery, apart from embarrassing Democrats and further alienating Bernie Sanders supporters.

Evidence thus far suggests that the attack was the work of at least two separate agencies, each apparently working without the knowledge that the other that was inside the DNC computers. And it is also unclear how WikiLeaks obtained the emails but with the presumption is that the intelligence agencies turned it over, either directly or through an intermediary for this release – the timing of which between the end of the GOP convention and start of the DEM one seems to be too well-planned to be coincidental.

Metadata from the released emails suggests that the documents passed through Russian computers with at least one hacker claiming responsibility for giving the emails to WikiLeaks. Whether the thefts were ordered by Putin, or merely carried out by apparatchiks (Russian word for operatives) who thought they might please Putin is a big question, too.

However, the Russians might have good reason to support Trump since he has indicated in an interview with The New York Times last week that he might not back NATO nations if they came under attack from Russia — unless he was first convinced that the counties had made sufficient contributions to the Atlantic alliance.

That was a remarkable moment since even at the height of the Cold War, it was hard to find a presidential campaign willing to charge that its rival was essentially secretly doing the bidding of a political adversary.

Mr. Trump not only as an isolationist, but also as one who would go soft on confronting Russia as it threatens nations that have shown too much independence from Moscow or, in the case of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, joined NATO. Plus Trump has also said he would like to “get along with Russia” if he is elected, and complimented Putin, saying he is more of a leader than President Obama. Putin in turn praised Trump.

The Trump camp just on Sunday strongly rejected any connections between their candidate and efforts to undermine the Democrats via Putin or Russia.

George Stephanopoulos (ABC This Week) asked Paul Manafort (Trump’s campaign manager): “Are there any ties between Mr. Trump, you or your campaign and Putin and his regime?” He shot back: “No, there are not. That’s absurd. You know there’s no basis to it.”  TIMING & RELEASE CLEVER PLAN OR NOT? THAT IS THE KEY QUESTION.

In my View and related: What Assange said to the media in relation to this story is OLD NEWS and he knows it, too.

He is remarks highlighted a summary of what the public already has seen and heard and witnessed via tons of GOP-run hearings and such. Nothing new there.

Maybe Assange will skillfully manufacture (like cut and paste) some old stuff to make it look like new stuff? You think? It is possible for any seasoned hacker or leak expert – of which Assange has proven to be and able to sponsor.

Plus, all this attention keeps Assange in the limelight, well-paid, and out of handcuffs, just like Snowden.

Stay tuned. So, will this impact the DNC convention? I don't think so, but we'll have to wait and see.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

GOP Looking for Zebras in the Forest — HINT: Zebras Don’t Live There

The Clinton's (as usual) focus of GOP mostly bogus probes
(Now: The Clinton Foundation)

What follows comes mostly from here and the other sites linked below related to this bogus story the GOP via FOX mostly is chasing with only one goal – taint the Hillary Clinton run anyway they can – facts don’t matter, only allegations and hype and the dirtiest of the dirty politics seen in years.

First, this backdrop about the Clinton Foundation – clearly stated for anyone to read.

Now the Republican BS game about the foundation – their wish and hope for full scale investigation based on opinions, and “as they say “unresolved media reports” and these highlights:

1.  Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is that charge of GOP lawmakers by issuing a letter calling for the FBI, IRS, and FTC to resolve allegations into alleged “Pay for Play” operation at the Clinton Foundation. The letter asked those Federal organizations to investigate the foundation because of “unresolved media reports that suggest the foundation is a lawless pay to play enterprise,” despite the rumors or investigation and allegations been debunked by multiple fact-checkers. [Politico: 7/15/16]

2.  FOX News has been twisting words and confusing facts to without basis allege the Clinton Foundation was under investigation for months – which have all been debunked and proven false.

Now the truth based on the facts:

3.  Bloomberg Reports: Claims that the Clinton Foundation is under investigation “Have Never Been Confirmed” (published on July 18 via the Bloomberg primer about the Clinton Foundation, which it said in part has become a “target for Republicans”).

That report also noted those claims of illegal activity at the Clinton Foundation originated from the now-discredited anti-Clinton author Peter Schweizer in his debunked opposition research book “Clinton Cash.”

4.  Related: The FBI director, James Comey, declined to say whether the agency reviewed the foundation as part of its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private e-mail system while secretary of state.

5.  Bloomberg also reported that Schweizer has stated that there is no direct evidence of wrongdoing, and when directly asked this question: “Are these activities illegal?” He wrote: “That’s not for me to say."  [Bloomberg, 7/18/16]

1.  Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) when asked about the Clinton email probe said in part:  “I specifically asked FBI Director Comey about the other people – what about the IT guy, what about the inner circle, what about the other things. And he quickly said, I can't tell you about that yet.” [Chaffetz explained on FOX’s Special Reportin this video clip].

2.  FOX News reported in January that the FBI expanded its investigation into Clinton's emails to include the possible intersection of State Department business and the Clinton Foundation and whether public corruption laws were violated (as chronicled in Peter Schweizer's book Clinton Cash).

Conclusion: Here we are stuck today, unfounded allegations and raw political BS with nothing official and simply innuendo to help the GOP garnish support and money to stay in power – will it work? Time will tell.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Trump on Nice, France Truck Ramming Massacre: He Will Declare War if Elected

How apropos: Trump is the Trojan Horse's Ass
(Nice fit for sure)

Trump Reacted to the Nice, France Truck Massacre at the French Bastille Celebration Parade Killing some 85 and Injuring over 200 this way: 

He said: “They may be ISIS. This could be the great Trojan horse of all time. I mean, this could be the ultimate Trojan horse.”

Wow - speaking of Trojan horses ... who is climbing on Trump's high horse as it were?

He blames refugees from Syria and other places they are fleeing as not being properly screened; however, refugees undergo one of the most stringent processes to come to the United States. That can take between 18 and 24 months, and the process requires at least 21 steps in which biographic information, biometrics, and documentation are shown, and then they are put under scrutiny for a time, tool.

Trump has long claimed that Muslims and immigrants could bring criminal activities to the United States. In fact, he launched his campaign by deriding Mexican immigrants as rapists, criminals, and drug dealers. 

Soon after Paris attack earlier, he called for a ban on Muslims immigrating into the United States, then he added that all Muslims should be put into a database so that they can be tracked. He has condemned resettling Syrian refugees in the country, using a similar argument that they lack documentation.

Trump told Bill O’Reilly on FOX (where else) that on the basis of his speculation, that this was now a “world war scenario” and, as president, he said he would seek a formal declaration of world war from Congress. “I would. I would. If you look at it, this is war, coming from all different parts. And frankly, it is war and we are dealing with people without uniforms. You know, in the old days, you would have uniforms. You knew who you were fighting.”

Memo for Donald J. Trump: A declaration of war is a formal act by which one state goes to war against another. Our Congress is the only body that can declare war in that regard (cite: Article I, Section 8 of our own constitution).

So, Mr. Trump: “Declare War Against Whom, or more Appropriate Against What?” 

The GOP already declared a “War on Terror” under the last Republican administration. How has that turned out? I mean still today we have troops fighting and dying in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq that has now lasted 15 years – the longest in our history.

It seems painfully clear that Trump is lining us up for America’s version of the “The Hundred Years' War” which was a series of conflicts between the rulers of England and France over the control of France from 1337 to 1453. 

So, I ask: Who would “King Donald the First, Emperor” of his “New America” fight that war and against whom? 

We are not up against any country legally established by any definition like we encountered in the previous two World Wars – so, which country does he want to claim as his next property for personal financial gain and slick marketing strategy, um?

Trump is a madman, pure and simple.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Running Scared and Towards Trump and the Nearest Cliff

The Real Yet Not So Subtle Message in Fact

The heart of this article is more correct than imagined at first blush.  It has key elements that reinforce everything you’ve heard, seen, or thought about Donald J. Trump as our next president – the PR master or guru (take your pick) as it were.

For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes Words of Resistance

Few politicians were better prepared than Trump to harness the shifts in attitudes by whites and their open racism against blacks and other minorities, which still remains among the most powerful taboos in American politics.

Since Trump started his campaign, a lot more white Americans are feel freer to express their worries about illegal immigrants and dislike of Islam. In Mr. Trump’s hands, the two ideas merged. For example, recall that during Mr. Obama’s presidency, Trump has become America’s most prominent “birther one huge sounding board.” Trump from time-to-time still questions Mr. Obama’s American citizenship and more than once has suggested that he could be a Muslim.

First to sign on to the Trump campaign came from the founder (founded in 2013) and 32-year-old neo-Nazi named Andrew Anglin and his organ: The Daily Stormer.” 

That site is the most prominent online gathering places for white nationalists and anti-Semites, with sections devoted to “The Jewish Problem” and “Race War.” Anglin explained that although he had some disagreements with him, Mr. Trump was the only candidate willing to speak the truth about Mexican, adding that “Trump is willing to say what most Americans think: It’s time to deport these people. He is also willing to call them out as criminal rapists, murderers and drug dealers.”

Since then it seems, the Trump campaign has electrified the world of white nationalists. They had long been absent from mainstream politics, taking refuge at obscure conferences and in largely anonymous havens online. Most believed that the Republican Party had been subverted and captured by liberal racial dictums.

Many in this new generation of nationalists shun the trappings of old-fashioned white supremacy, appropriating the language of multiculturalism to recast themselves as white analogues to La Raza and other civil rights organizations. They call themselves “race realists” or “identitarians” (That is: Conservatives for whom racial heritage is more important than ideology).

Across that spectrum, and in Trump’s own descriptions of immigrants as vectors of disease, violent crime and social decay, they heard their own dialect and since rally behind him.

Another popular figure in the white nationalist world, one Richard Spencer, age 38, writer and activist whose Montana-based nonprofit is dedicated to “…the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States.” He has said he did not believe that Mr. Trump subscribed to his entire worldview. But he was struck that Mr. Trump seemed to understand and echo many of his group’s ideas intuitively, and take them to a broader audience.

Yeah, that Donald J. Trump master the PR game and skilled in this sort of stunt – divide and then conquer and win at any cost – I ask: What would that cost be, Mr. and Mrs. America?

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Legal Right-to-Carry and Heavily Armed Weasels Under Fire (No Pun Intended)

New Scenes in America — Pretty or Pretty Awful

Funny Cartoon - Not a Funny Topic

Paris, Texas (AP)Gun-rights activists, some of them wearing camouflage and military-style gear and openly toting rifles and handguns, marched alongside the hundreds of people who flocked to downtown Dallas last week to protest police shootings of blacks. Dallas Police Chief David Brown estimated that 20 to 30 open-carry activists attended the rally, and some of them wore gas masks, bulletproof vests, and fatigues. [Note: Forty-five states have laws that allow citizens to openly carry a firearm in public places]. 

[My Insert Note: During debate over the open-carry issue, some people in Texas law enforcement expressed concerns, fearing that it would lead to panic, especially in active shooter situations].

Then a sniper opened fire on the police officers patrolling the peaceful march, killing five and wounding seven others. The attack ignited panic and confusion. Those armed ran when the shots rang out. The shear presence of so many armed individuals at the scene of a sniper attack caused instant confusion. Who was shooting? Were the people with weapons friend or foe?

That is exactly the type of nightmare scenario some law enforcement officials predicted when Texas approved the open-carry proposal. Chief Brown says: “It doesn't make sense to us, but that's their right in Texas. For all our officers, they were suspects.” Chief Brown further said: “I support that belief. Someone is shooting at you from a perched position. People are running with AR-15’s, camo gear, wearing gas masks and bulletproof vests. They are all suspects until we eliminate that.”

[My Insert Note: I totally agree and that applies until they have been proven innocent or otherwise, and rightly so].

For example, one of those dressed that way in the crowd, Mark Hughes, was carrying an AR-style firearm and wearing a camouflage T-shirt. In the early moments after the attack, police released a photo of Hughes describing him as a suspect. He later was questioned and released. Authorities soon announced that the attack had been the work of a single gunman, named Micah Xavier Johnson.

[My Insert Note: But that scene had all the elements of a much larger disaster had police started shooting those protester watchers who were armed and running. What if Hughes, a later shown to be an innocent law-abiding gun-carrying citizen who openly carried his AR-15 watching the rally, had not heard police commands to “get down” was mowed down himself. Image the outrage then. Hughes or anyone of the other protest watchers, all armed and dressed the way they were, could have been shot by police too as they ran. What would the NRA say then: “Oops, sorry we lost a good guy with a gun shot by another good guy with gun” Sorry, but oops won’t cut it].

In the aftermath, President Barack Obama praising the police and criticized the open-carry law said: “I have a really difficult time in communities where they know guns are everywhere. And as I said before, they have a right to come home, and now they have very little margin of error in terms of making decisions. So if you care about the safety of our police officers, then you can't set aside the gun issue and pretend that that's irrelevant.”

My Conclusion: That is the insanity of this whole “open carry” madness I have written and spoken about for so long – utter madness – for surely it is.

That is not law and order by any stretch – it’s more like the “Wild, Wild West” or gunslingers heading for the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, AZ back in 1881 for “justice” their way. Dallas could have been that scene.

O.K. Corral

And, those armed watching the rally that night (for whatever reason, who knows for sure) – ran as the police later would say. Why? Well, I guess they feared for their lives, too, how ironic it that? And, truthfully, it could have been very, very worse that night beyond the police officer gunned down, too. It amazes me how rational people can’t or more apt, won admit to that scenario – which in Dallas was real.

Are we in really bad shape as many think and say. Um, overall, I don't think, but we are close to the edge of that ragged edge.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

White Nationalists Sponsor Trump Surrogate Rally on RNC Convention Opening

I post you decide
(click to enlarge flyer)

GOP Dream Ticket???
(thumbs up; guts in)

Story in detail here that provides background on some of the Trump surrogates/speakers – enlightening the least; sickening at best.

Introduction to the article:

The white nationalist website Eternal Sentry is sponsoring an upcoming pro-Trump “unity rally” with longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone and several Trump surrogates. Eternal Sentry is a self-described “altright" website that features racist and anti-Semitic material, repeatedly warns about “White Genocide,” and is produced by a Trump activist who said whites need to “fight back” against African-Americans and “send them back to the mud-huts they so desperately and obviously desire.”

Citizens for Trump and Roger Stone will host and co-host the “America First Unity Rally” in Cleveland on July 18, coinciding with the first day of the Republican National Convention. The event will also feature Trump surrogates Darrell Scott and Diamond & Silk.

Conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones will also speak and his website is sponsoring the event. The Trump ally has told his radio audience to give the Stone rally – which was previously billed as a “Stop the Steal” rally prior to Trump becoming the presumptive nominee – “their time, their energy, and their money” and said “everybody’s got to book to be there now. This is history.”

The Eternal Sentry website is produced by Paul Chambers, according to his LinkedIn profile and Facebook account. Chambers is also the “Content Creation Team Director” for Citizens for Trump.

Chambers has posted white nationalist content on Facebook. (Citizens for Trump links to his Facebook account on its staff page, and Eternal Sentry links to the public Facebook group Ending Cultural Marxism, where Chambers frequently posts racist commentary).

Chambers has claimed that it’s “time for the white man to protect his interest and ONLY his interests,” and whites need “to take our country back for ourselves and send them [African-Americans] back to the mud-huts they so desperately and obviously desire.

Enjoy and try not to get too sick. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Oklahoma Along With Kansas and Other RED States Are Becoming Dumbed Down

AP (Advanced Placement/pre-college courses) - there are many others

Oklahoma as officially gone insane alongside Kansas ... So, WTF is it with GOP-Conservatives, really?

An Oklahoma legislative committee overwhelmingly voted to ban Advanced Placement U.S. History class, persuaded by the argument that it only teaches students “what is bad about America.” Other lawmakers are seeking a court ruling that would effectively prohibit the teaching of all AP courses in public schools.

Insert – FYI: What are AP courses? The AP curriculum, administered by The College Board, consists of standardized high school courses that are roughly equivalent to undergraduate college courses. After completing an AP class, students typically take the AP exam in that subject, which can earn them credits and accelerated placement in college.

Oklahoma Rep. Dan Fisher (R) has introduced “emergency” legislation “prohibiting the expenditure of funds on the Advanced Placement United States History course.” Fisher is part of a group called the “Black Robe Regiment” which argues “the church and God himself has been under assault, marginalized, and diminished by the progressives and secularists.” The group attacks the “false wall of separation of church and state.”

The Black Robe Regiment claims that a “growing tide of special interest groups indoctrinating our youth at the exclusion of the Christian perspective.”

Fisher said the Advanced Placement history class fails to teach “American exceptionalism.” The bill passed the Oklahoma House Education committee on Monday on a vote of 11-4. An actual course description for the course here.

For other lawmakers, however, Fisher is thinking too small. Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern (R) claims that all “AP courses violate the legislation approved last year that repealed Common Core.” She has asked the Oklahoma Attorney General to issue a ruling. Kern argues that “AP courses are similar to Common Core, in that they could be construed as an attempt to impose a national curriculum on American schools.”

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are actually developed by a private group, the College Board, and are not required of any student or high school. They are the primary way that student can earn college credit in high school. 

Taking advanced placement course can save students money and are generally seen as a prerequisite to admission to elite colleges. A representative from the College Board called the claims by Fisher and others “mythology and not true.”

For the record and related: My two kids, both college grads and higher, took a lot of high school AP courses. They did quite well, and that enabled them to get a head start in college by not having to take classes on campus, and that in essence saved us money and saved them time to focus on their major and even finish 4 years in 3 and head off to grad school early.  

Apparently GOPer kids can’t hack it, or so it seems. Or maybe they just have dumb-ass parents in elected office who are just paranoid about anything public. So why are they in public office? I’m inclined to think a little bit of all those traits. That and they want to “make America just the way they want it – fat, dumb, and content and of course “conservative” what the hell that means is anyone’s guess.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Alert! Alert! White-GOP-Christian-Conservative America is Persecuted and Abused

Please Help and Protect We Whites in America, Amen

A fine article is here. It is a bit dated (2014) but I also think it's more applicable than ever these days, here is the intro from that article:

Christian conservatives feel aggrieved and they want to be heard. The problem is that their specific grievance – that everyone else hurts their feelings by not admitting we’re inferior – kind of sounds, well, hard to sympathize with. They need something snappier, a reason to claim that they are being oppressed by “anti-Christian bigotry”. The only problem with that is that in a majority Christian nation, most people are actually pretty accepting and even admiring of Christianity. Even if they disagree with right wing Christianity, they don’t do so because it’s Christian but because it’s conservative.

Being a Christian is a privileged position in American society; that makes it really hard to claim you’re being oppressed.

The South Carolina Republican primary results present long-time observers of white evangelical Protestants’ political behavior with a conundrum. How did Donald Trump — a twice-divorced, casino-owning New Yorker, who curses during campaign speeches and is prone to church-related gaffes such as accidentally putting cash into the communion plate — win in this southern state where approximately seven in 10 GOP primary voters are white evangelicals?

Trump’s success has demonstrated that the conventional mode of thinking about white evangelical voters as “values voters” is no longer helpful, if it ever was. The Trump revelation is that white evangelicals have become “nostalgia voters:” a culturally and economically disaffected group that is anxious to hold onto a white, conservative Christian culture that is passing from the scene.

Both are good reads and lot more is on this subject… I wanted to post this for some time and now more so since I hear more and more about the topic here locally (Upstate NY) about this fear from whites, and yes, for the record I am white. Not native from this region but have lived here for 30 years – but I grew up in rural Southern Illinois.

I leave you with FDR’s words from his first inaugural address on March 4, 1933: “The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself.” 

Those words kind of reflects this “white fearful mood” that I hear so much about these days.  

Thus, I thought this would be a good time to introduce this topic, or should I say re-introduce this topic? Enjoy reading both articles and any further research, and as always, thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Media Weasels Want It Both Ways: Their Way or No Way

They Mostly Love Things This Way
(Or, all kissy-face lately like him)

Yeah Like Him

Mainstream Media Praised Trump’s Anti-Clinton Speech as a from a “Pivot” to “Becoming a Serious-Sounding Candidate” in part seen below, and with full-blown details here:

MSNBC: Joe Scarborough: “That’s called the Pivot.” Scarborough acknowledged Trump’s attempt to appeal to Bernie Sanders’ supporters as a “pivot.” On the June 23 edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe).
CNN’s Dana Bash: Republicans Have Begged Trump to “Look More Presidential” and “He Did That Today.” From the June 22 edition of CNN’s At This Hour with Berman and Bolduan.

Washington Examiner’s Kristen Soltis Anderson: Trump “Was Trying To Really Pivot to Being a Quote-Unquote ‘Serious-Sounding’ Candidate” in His Speech Attacking Clinton. From the June 22 edition of Fox News’ Happening Now.

Fox’s Dana Perino: Campaign Manager Dismissal is "A Good Pivot” for Trump Campaign. From the June 20 edition of Fox News’ The Five.

MSNBC’s Mark Halperin: Lewandowski Firing is Trump's Chance to “Turn the Page" and Run a "Traditional Campaign.” From the June 20 edition of MSNBC Live.

The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes: Lewandowski’s Firing Was a Way to Say “Here is the Reset and to Show It’s About to Get Serious.” From the June 20 edition of Fox News’ Special Report.

Fox Contributor Tammy Bruce: Trump’s Campaign is “Adapting to the New General Election Dynamic” by Firing Lewandowski. From the June 20 edition of Fox Business’ Countdown to the Closing Bell with Liz Claman.

Laura Ingraham: Lewandowski's Firing Was “A Good First Step” for Trump. From the June 20 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group’s The Laura Ingraham Show.

NY Post: Trump is “At Last Shifting to a Real General-Election Campaign.” The New York Post editorial board in a June 20 editorial.

Former Fox Contributor Scott Brown: “Removing Lewandowski Shows Trump Campaign is Adapting and Growing.” From the June 20 edition of Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto:

CNN’s John King: Trump Sounded “More Presidential” in his Speech after the Orlando Shooting. From the June 19 edition of CNN’s Inside Politics.

Fox’s Susan Estrich: “Trump is Now Behaving like General Election Nominees Behave.” From the June 16 edition of Fox News’ The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson.

Megyn Kelly: This Is “The More Presidential” Trump, “A Very Different-Sounding Man. The Republican nominee is a very different-sounding man.” From the June 7 edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File.

Lou Dobbs: Trump Was “All Business Tonight from the Misadventure of Three Days, He Returns.” From the June 7 edition of Fox Business’ Cavuto: Coast to Coast.

Fox Co-Host Steve Doocy: Trump “Sounded a Little More Presidential Due to His Teleprompter Use.” From the June 8 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends.

Fox Co-Host Brian Kilmeade: “What a Difference a Teleprompter Makes. Many Saying the Presumptive GOP Nominee Sounded More Presidential Than Ever.” From the June 8 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends.

Washington Post: “A Different Sort of Presidential Candidate … Took the Stage.” From the March 21 Washington Post article.

CNN’s Don Lemon: Trump is “Beginning to Look More Presidential by the Day.” From the May 18 edition of CNN Tonight.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski: Indiana Victory Speech Showed a “New Donald Trump and the Beginning of a Massive Pivot.” From the May 4 edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Fox’s Newt Gingrich: Trump Looked “Controlled, Serious, and Presidential in his Foreign Policy Speech.” [Fox News, With Sean Hannity, 4/27/16].

The bottom line as they say: The entire well-known media as shown above went all ga-ga in la-la land about that phrase used by Joe Scarborough. They pick up that ball and ran like a bat out of hell. 

All that partially shows why we love to hate the media as being somewhat being trustworthy, slightly dishonest, indecent at time, less informative, and cannot be trusted or believed in any plausible way except in a very, very rare case – which the above coverage of Trump is a shining moment for them, for sure.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Donald Trump, NY Weasel, May Pick Jeff Sessions, AL Weasel, as His Running Mate

Trump Seeks Southern Votes With Time-Tested Southern Strategy
(*With Sen. Jeff Sessions)

Trump may choose as his VP running mate current Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (Sen. Jeff Sessions from Alabama).

Sessions’ nomination to the Federal bench was rejected by the very same Senate committee some twenty years that he sat on and insulted Sonia Sotomayor for her nomination to the USSC – where she now sits and serves with dignity.

He was rejected for “racially insensitive statements asserting that he thought that the Klan was OK until he found out they smoked dope. He also called white civil rights lawyers race traitors. He admitted to routinely referring to an African-American attorney who worked for him as “boy” — even once warning that attorney to “be careful what you say to white folks!”

Sessions, it was disclosed, had a disturbing record of indicting black civil rights activists as U.S. Attorney in Mobile, AL. Invariably the cases were later dismissed. He was also accused of not investigating the spate of black church burnings that swept the state of Alabama the year he became attorney general.

Sessions further injured his own reputation when he prosecuted a black couple who suggested in a news article that he as U.S. Attorney may have been less than diligent during his investigation of a jail lynching of a black man accused of shoplifting.

During his confirmation hearings, he at first lied but later admitted that, “I may have said something about the NAACP being un-American and Communist, but I meant nothing by it.”

Yeah, that Jeff Sessions – perfect fit for “The Donald” – birds, feathers come to mind.

Stay tuned for outcome. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fire Mission: Weasels in the Open, Local Bar, Pistol in Waistband, Fire for Effect

Original Untouched Picture

Pop Quiz:  Does anyone know where this bar picture was taken? Note the “right to carry guy” enjoying what looks like an ice tea, or is that the bartender’s drink while he is on duty?

What is odd about that photo? I spotted it in an instant. Can you?

The only link to this photo was found here, but no story to go with the picture, just the picture.

Now the odd part:

Yep that's true. It's a flag of North Korea. Plus is looks like the pistol in his waistband is cocked and ready for action ... that is kinda dumb when you think about it.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Speaker and Leader of Weasels in the House Boogle, Gang, Pack, or Confusion

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI): Speaker of the House 

GOPers in the House are Weasels ... any label fits:

And, yes, again, this Speaker Paul Ryan, twisted like a pretzel about his support of Donald J. Trump despite Trump’s one-man flim-flim show.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) issued a stern warning about the rhetoric coming from Donald Trump about the way government should work, saying: “We will lose our freedoms in this country, including all of the Bill of Rights, if we don’t robustly defend the separation of powers.” 

Ryan was asked by reporters numerous times about Trump’s recent conduct regarding him questioning whether President Obama actually wanted to stop terrorist attacks. He then accused many American Muslims of sheltering terrorists and said he could act unilaterally as president to prevent any type or class of people from entering the country despite the fact that Article I, Section 8, clause 4 of the Constitution entrusts Congress with the power to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization.”

In Atlanta, Trump issued a rebuke to Republican leaders like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Speaker Ryan, and many others who have criticized Trump over the past days and weeks for his merry-go-round of offensive, controversial, and erroneous statements saying in part: “Our leaders have to get a lot tougher, and be quiet. Just please be quiet. Don’t talk. Please, be quiet. Just be quiet, to the leaders, because they have to get tougher, they have to get sharper, they have to get smarter, and we have to have our Republicans either stick together or let me just do it by myself.”

Ryan was asked first if he would ever rescind his endorsement of Trump and he noticeably did not rule out the possibility, saying in part: “That’s not my plan. I don’t have a plan to do that.”

He was then asked: “How many more times would he have to repudiate something said by Trump such as his proposal to temporarily bar all Muslims from entering the U.S.” Ryan said: “I don’t know.”

Then a reporter asked: “Does that bother you that you have to keep doing this?” Ryan chuckled saying: “He’s a different kind of candidate, and this is a different kind of year, and the last thing we want is a Democrat in the White House, like Hillary Clinton.”

Another reporter asked: “How do you have any confidence that this is the guy that is going to have respect for separation of power?”

Ryan laughed again and said: “You know you can’t make this up sometimes. I’ll just say we represent a separate, but equal, branch of government.”

Ryan continued: “We just spent a whole morning talking about how valuable the separation of powers is and how we’re trying to restore the entire principal of self-government of government-by-consent.  We will lose our freedoms in this country, including all of the Bill of Rights, if we don’t robustly defend the separation of powers, and we’re going to fight for those rights on behalf of our citizens so that we remain a self-governing people.”

My assessment of Ryan is that he is one big wuss. Plus, remember, he is 2nd in line to be President – ouch…!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Trump: "Not saying; Maybe Saying; Hell, I will say" Obama Part of Orlando

The man now lower than whale shït...

Trump has lost all sense of decency as well as all his marbles...

Each time Trump opens his yap we expect a collective sigh of relief and hear: “Boy, he can't get any worse or more lowdown than that, right?”

Then, bingo, five-minutes later, or five-hours later he delivers something more stunning and even worse (even if that seems impossible). Cite this on the heels of the awful Orlando nightclub shooting posted here in part from the Atlantic and nearly verbatim with few edits to fit the blog with this dramatic sub-title:

“The Republican nominee has called on the president to resign and implied in no uncertain terms that President Obama may have been implicated in the massacre at a gay bar.”

“In an almost entirely unprecedented moment, Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, suggested in interviews Monday morning that President Obama may have somehow been involved in Sunday’s massacre in Orlando.

Trump’s suggestion came by implication, but the message unmistakable: The president may have somehow known about or been involved in the shooting.

“He doesn’t get it or he gets it better than anybody understands — it’s one or the other and either one is unacceptable” (Trump said on Fox News right after he called in a statement last Sunday for Mr. Obama to resign from office). [Now] Trump adds this one day later:

“During an interview on NBC’s Today show, Trump offered a slightly softer version of the accusation, suggesting Obama was willfully blind, saying in part: “There are a lot of people that think maybe he doesn’t want to get it.”

“The idea the president is a Manchurian candidate, a mole, or an agent for Jihadism is a stunning accusation, even by the standard of a presidential campaign in which Trump has delivered a series of breathtaking statements, from comparing a rival to a child molester to being unable and unwilling to differentiate one of his policy ideas from Nazi policies.

“Such conspiratorial beliefs are not unheard of in American politics, but they are typically banished to the margins. For example, some ‘truthers’ have argued that President George W. Bush was either involved in or turned a blind eye to the 9/11 attacks (Note: There’s no substantiation for those claims, and the people who hold them are generally viewed with derision). 

“So, too, are those who have claimed that mass-shooting events such as the Sandy Hook massacre are ‘false flag’ attacks aimed at drumming up support for gun-control measures. The fringe radio host Alex Jones has already labeled Orlando a false flag, offering a sense of who Trump’s allies are on this issue.

“What is unprecedented here is that the claims are coming from a major party’s presumptive nominee for president, but unhinged beliefs about Obama are not especially new, nor are they nearly so fringe.”

Story concludes here. It is stunning to say the least and that word may be the best word to describe Trump, but stunning in a sick, sick, perverted, ugly way.

Friday, June 10, 2016

GOP Loyalists Pledge Support for Donald J. Trump (Um, sorta, kinda)

Almost Has the GOP Banner Firmly in Hand

GOP Loyalist

Typical GOP Voter in La-La Land

Raise your right hand and repeat after me:

“I [insert your name] as a loyal Republican will support and defend Donald J. Trump as our party nominee, and I will stick to him and this pledge and see it to the end no matter what he says, does, implies, or proposes between now and November 8th. So, help me Hannah!”

“What??? Aren't GOPers all cut from that same cloth? So, get in line, damnit, and stop asking so many blasted questions.”

/s/ The RBIC (Republican-Bosses-in-Charge)