Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Analysis of the “Hypocrites and Crooks Я Us Trump Family Empire”

Empire by Trump: A masculine fragrance scent launched in 2015

Trump Assigned Those Duties
(Thus: Trump does not have get involved himself - neat, um)

Other Part of the Troika

Today's post is this super video from John Oliver, just in case you didn't see it. 

It is perhaps the funniest and most accurate and factual to date ... it is a real keeper as they say — enjoy:

Open full screen for best viewing

In closing: I want to say that I found this part of the video, which was extracted from Ivanka Trump’s book (pictured above) to be the most-educational of the all.

That quote seems to show their business model, thinking, and approach to dealing with people in general. But, more importantly I think, it also kind of  shows the technique used by Donald J. Trump to win the election... read it carefully and see if you agree or not. What an amazing “family philosophy” – explains a lot doesn’t it?

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